General questions about stellaris 2.2

stellaris 6 - General questions about stellaris 2.2

Hi guys,

as a new stellaris player I would like to ask a some questions to improve my gameplay. I've spent a fair amount of time watching youtube and reading guides but the content for 2.2 is somewhat limited. I also noticed my planet management is far from optimal. I'm really enjoying this game and I would like to try it on higher difficulties. Anyway here are my questions:

  1. Are there any goals I should be aiming for after starting the game? For instance should I have X mineral income by year Y? As a starcraft and Civ player I find having short term goals is helpful in order to optimize my expansion and development

  1. How many planets should I actually colonize? Should I colonize planets that are at 30% habitability just to resettle my pops?

  1. Planet management. I have a lot of questions here:

a) If you have more than one planet in your sector and each planet is doing something differently, do you set your sector as "balanced"?

b) Do you always specialize your planets? Do you replace buildings later on so that you specialize all of your planets?

c) Do you specialize planets for research as well?

d) Is it worth upgrading buildings? I have a feeling I always end up with a strategic rosource deificit that starts a vicious circle of me trying to get my economy up and running again

e) Is terraforming worth it?

  1. Atm I'm playing as devouring swarm and I'm not sure how long should I wait before starting wars with others? Should I research something specific before going on a rampage?

  1. I read somewhere on reddit that it's not worth upgrading ships? Is this still the case?

  1. As devouring swarm, what is the best thing to do with the enemy planets after conquering them?

  1. Are there any priorities when researching anomalies? Are some of them so important that I should research them although I don't have enough experienced scientists?
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  1. Starbases

a) Some people build starbases to gather trade nodes and then build specialized starbases in order to defend the routes. However, some people mix trade hubs and hangers on the same star base? Is there any reason to pick one strategy over the other? I mean as long as all trade nodes are "collected" and trade routes are secured it shouldn't matter or am I missing something?

b) What should I build on my starbases after I'm done with trade nodes and piracy?

c) Should I use starbases as defense points?

e) Should I always build all the starbases I can?

f) What do I do when I'm playing dewouring swarm? Fleet capacity I assume?

  1. What is the point of federation fleets?

Thanks in advance for going through all of my questions!

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