Genocide is fun

stellaris 6 - Genocide is fun

So I had a xeno civilization of "Ketlings" spawn from the ruimed remains of an ancient civilization next to me controlling valuable systems and my attempt to destroy them early on was a disaster.

A few decades later after beefing up my fleets and armies I launched a second invasion and this time they had a defensive pact with their neighbor which made things more difficult while I had claimed all of their systems. What followed was my three fleets pushing as one through their territories and starbases while just destroying all of their resisting singular fleets easily. After invading their entire territory and all their planets it had turned out that the Qara Binam who the ketling had a defensive pact with didnt send a single fleet in their aid which meant easy pickings for me nd soon a white peace was signed which lead to me annexing their whole nation as I had a claim on everything and thus I had doubled in size.

This is where the fun begins. I had set it so all new xenos in my empire would be worked to death by default so now I had maybe 200 pops producing minerals and food which boosted my economy nicely, which meant their civilization born from the devastated worlds after nuclear war or some other catastrophy were now being worked to death by their new human overlords. Then all of their planets had people move in to work as the administrators of the planets, all the manufacturing and research buildings were demolished in the name of saving costs as they were no longer used and most of the Ketling populations from their 7 planets were then moved to the new capital planet of their sector called Ketlag in for maximum production(cramming all xebos working to death on a single planet leads to best output because only a single pop is purged at a time) while in the place of industry and research buildings there were built fortresses and resource extraction buildings.


Shortly: I invaded an entire independent xeno empire which only recently came back to the stars after some catastrophy, I made them all work to death and sent 95% of their populatio to a single planet for maximum lifespan of the purged pops and I demolished most of their planets in order to save costs.

It surely must feel horrible for the Ketling as just a few decades ago they had reestablished themselves as an interstellar civilization after being brought to ruin who knows how long ago, defending against me/the humans successfully, being betrayed by their defensive pact ally that didn't send a single fleet to aid them, enduring failed defensive wars on their planets and now they are being worked to death while years ago they were happily living fullfilling lives working as what they wanted.

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