Gestalt Consciousness should get a single Ethic

stellaris 5 - Gestalt Consciousness should get a single Ethic

So, short post, but while waiting for nemesis, just wanted to share.

It seems like if Hive Minds are like an individual, then they should get at least one ethic to sort of outline their personality. A Xenophile Hive might be just an extroverted person (thus getting better opinions, and more envoys), while an Authoritarian hive might just be like a very discipline and resolute person (stringent work ethic, and what not).

If so, we could then have some neat civics that play with those options (like Co-habituating with bio pops for xenophile, or early psionics/shroud access for a spiritual hive mind).

Any thoughts?

Edit: This seems popular. I had some draft notes I may post a bit later, give people a better sense of what I had in mind.

Edit 2: OK – So I had these sort of written down somewhere, so I cleaned them up. Ideas on how it might work.

Gestalt Ethic is treated like a fanatical ethic (uses 2 points), and you get 1 more point. The other ethics remain mostly the same in theme, but mechanics change a bit if they don't apply to gestalt. My ideas below:


Authoritarian -> Disciplined

  • (+) Simple Drone Output
  • +1 Monthly Influence

Unique Civic – Meticulous

  • 25% Resettlement cost
  • +1 Governor Level Cap
  • +5 Stability

Egalitarian -> Expressive

  • (+) complex drone output
  • (+) Amenities output

Unique Civic – Impulsive

  • 15% pop growth from Immigration
  • +50% autonomous pop resettlement

Materialist -> Creative

  • (+) Research Speed
  • (-) Reduced researcher upkeep

Unique Civic – Curious

  • Scientist Cap +1
  • Survey speed increased by 75%
  • Anomaly Research speed +15%

Spiritual -> Reflective

  • (+) Unity
  • (-) Edict Cost

Unique Civic – Introspective

  • +1 Edict
  • Edict Cost – 20%

Xenophilic -> Friendly

  • (+) Diplomatic Weight
  • (+) Envoy
  • (+) Improved Opinion

Unique Civic – Tranquil Symbiosis

  • Can cohabitate with other species on planets (gain new base job that produce unity, consumer goods, and society research).
  • Starts with 5 bio pops.
  • Gain building to produce housing and amenities.
  • Can establish migration treaties.
  • Cannot remove after start

Xenophobic -> Neurotic

  • (-) Starbase cost
  • (+) Number of Rivals

Unique Civic – Paranoid

  • Can assign rivals at earlier relations
  • Increased Encryption
  • -1 Envoy
  • -10% Food Upkeep
  • +2 Starbases
  • +1 Sensor range

Peaceful -> Docile

  • (+) Admin Cap
  • (+) Stability
  • -Cannot use Unrestricted Wars
  • -Can use Impose Ideology

Unique Civic – Tranquil Overseer

  • -50% Subject Power Penalty
  • -Subjects can build starbases

Militaristic -> Aggressive

  • (-) Claim Influence Cost
  • (+) Ship Fire Rate

Unique Civic – Bloodlust

  • Reduced war exhaustion
  • +1 Admiral & General cap
  • +10 Fleet Command Limit

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