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stellaris 2 - Gigastructural Engineering Suggestion

My favorite stellaris mod by far is the
?id=1121692237 - Gigastructural Engineering Suggestion

Gigastructural Engineering & More mod. I recently discovered an info/suggestion document located here: doc. So I went ahead and suggested 8 new mega structures. I really appreciate this mod and the mod authors for their hard work, so even if none of these are ever added I will be content with what exists already. However, I would like to know what other people's opinions about my suggestions are. So here they are:

-Exotic Matter Injector(A gigastructure that injects black holes with exotic matter that has negative mass. This decompresses the black hole, turning it into a regular star and possibly enriching the surrounding planets and asteroids with all of the leftover dust.)

-White Hole Generator (A gigastructure that is somewhat similar to the Exotic Matter Injector, but it compresses exotic matter to create a white hole which unlike black holes, spew out matter instead of consuming it. White holes can be used to generate stars or planets. For obvious reasons, this would require an absurd amount of energy)

-Planetary Extruder (A miniaturized Exotic Matter injector that can increase the size of a planet, or destroy it. This makes a method of getting rid of those pesky size 2 planets that are left after the autonomous stripmines, or to restore them if you really want. Requires lots of energy, doesn’t work on inhabited planets.)

-Galactic Parliament (A megastructure that generates influence, unity, and society research at the cost of large amounts of food, consumer goods, and energy. This could possibly boost happiness in the system as well. Partially inspired from Starwars’ galactic senate)

-Overlord Control Center (A megastructure that increases your administration capacity and also the number of starbases your empire can build. Also possibly boosts your leader’s stats such as cap, exp gain, and lifespan. Costs energy, food, influence, and consumer goods to upkeep. Decrease happiness in its host system. Basically the evil version of the Galactic Parliament)


-Central Galactic Hospital (A giant hospital megastructure, boosts leader lifespan, generates society research, increases pop growth speed, assimilation speed, purge and other such speeds. Boosts happiness empire wide due to healthcare access, and also trust from other empires. Decreases consumer goods requirement for pops. Costs lots of food, energy, influence and consumer goods. Can also be colonized for increased society research, unity, and pop growth, but jobs cost more consumer goods and food. Basically the good version of the Bioweapon R&D Facility mentioned above, towards the middle of the suggestions section)

-Giga Mall (A massive shopping mall loaded up with hologram advertisements, space traffic, interconnected skybridges, and the works. Can be colonized. Jobs generate lots of energy and unity from consumer goods. The structure itself and boosts happiness and unity empire wide but costs lots of food and consumer goods.)

-Giga Factory (You need to get all those consumer goods for the above megastructures from somewhere. Makes consumer goods and has dark industrial theme, think oil refinery. Can be colonized, but people on the gigafactory are unhappy. Jobs create consumer goods from minerals and some energy from profits. The structure itself produces engineering research and improves systemwide build speed for buildings, modules, and assembly, as well as small empire wide megastructure build speed boost.)

If you want to see the other suggestions floating around, or other info regarding this amazing mod, once more check out the doc. By the way,
u/elowine, If you ever see this I just want to let you know that your mod has made an engineer very happy.

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