Got attacked by an FE

stellaris 7 - Got attacked by an FE

So far going through my first play-through, I may have made a post before. Short version is basically I have a fanatic materialist authoritarian empire that went down the synthetic ascension route, became synths.

Admittedly I should have known it may have been a bad idea, I had this spiritualist FE and a militant isolationist (yay great). Once I turned synth the spiritualist FE got pretty pissed off (naturally), and I started to prep another fleet to at least stand a chance against them. Good thing too because we went to war shortly after my prep was made. Had a defensive pact too so at least it bought me some time to blitzkrieg their systems while the FE fleets attacked my allies/vassals first (damn lucky really). After a bit of fighting and taking their worlds, (very luckily I managed to split their fleets and attack them with my combined fleet, so in the end I was able to at least survive long enough to have an advantage over them), and incapacitating 2 of the FE's fleets they suddenly surrender. Or at least they had this dialogue screen saying how they "have no choice but to back down for now, but watch yourself" (something along those lines, I paraphrased it okay)

Explanation of how I survived aside, main point is that during the war I laid claim to some of their systems (had some spare influence why not). Defeated 2 of their fleets (one of their 84k fleets, another one was their titan fleet), and then suddenly, before I can do anything, there's this dialogue screen basically saying they're angry (no surprise) but they also give up/surrender? (uh…okay). They hand over the claimed systems to me, but what i'm wondering is why did the sudden auto-give up happen? Is this a game feature, so I basically don't conquer the FE? Or is it just a thing of defensive wars?(apart from being attacked by exterminators, I haven't really been attacked, so tbh I'm not too sure)


Also if the war somehow continued and I managed to occupy all of the FE, but I didn't claim all those systems, what will happen to the unclaimed systems?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read through this and help (but then again it may be best to find out firsthand I guess haha, I won't blame you if you tell me that too)

PS: On a side note this means I've now got psionic pops in my synth empire. IIRC assimilating them will remove the psionic, but if I keep them, would this mean I could research psionics as well? Having both would be pretty sweet, and i've heard psionic pops means you can't be infiltrated by the contingency (still haven't encountered them yet, probably won't for a good while until I head end-game year. Thanks Science Nexus for the head start XD). If not, is there any point to keeping them un-assimilated? RP wise it sounds kinda fitting for my empire to assimilate fallen empire species.

EDIT: Got me wondering…what would happen if I assimilate the pops of a system and give it back to the original FE…would they even accept?

PSS: Unrelated but on a side note I managed to spend 2 hours creating new races and writing some bio's…this game reminds me of XCOM a bit, the way you invest in what you create (and cry if they die, in XCOM at least)


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