Grand Consensus Breaking News Report [04.08.2390]

stellaris 6 - Grand Consensus Breaking News Report [04.08.2390]

BREAKING NEWS from the Empire Capital today, as Grand Consensus government officials have confirmed that Chancellor Bud Hawthorn has died overnight, at age 169. Commonly recognised on the campaign trail as "Your Best Bud", his death today has shocked the nation. Interim Chancellor Reed Garland expressed his grief at the death of his longtime rival and friend in a live broadcast this morning.

This news has shaken the Consensus to its core, just two months out from our departure from our organic bodies and transference into perfect, immortal machines. The tragedy of our scientists being too busy researching Nutrient Replication to study Cell Revitalization, which would have taken only months to complete, is surely weighing on the mind of Chief Society Researcher Oak Rowan. Insider sources reveal that investigations are underway to determine who, exactly, decided we needed increased food production in the coming months.

When asked for comment, dignitaries of the nearby Alvanian Kingdom and Themlar Nation expressed their disgust that he had survived that long, prompting immediate insult from the interim Chancellor. Born in January 2221, statistics at the time projected that Bud Hawthorn was unlikely to live past age 90. Countless innovations during his life have extended his expected lifespan, and his reign as Chancellor. Sadly, those innovations were not enough to save him from the weakness of the flesh.

Chancellor Hawthorn had been active in the politics of The Grand Consensus, then known as the Joh'Ruuni Consensus, from a young age. Initially emerging as the Governor of the Core Sector at age 35, Governor Hawthorn proceeded to inspire the confidence of many Ruuni with his hardline stance against crime and careful management of resources, expanding the infrastructure of the Consensus' finest cities and navy. This popularity led to his leadership upset in the 2261 election, ousting the popular Chancellor Jasmine Bloom, who had been incumbent since the development of FTL technology in 2200.

Representing the Xeno Suffrage Network, newly-elected Chancellor Hawthorn became instead known for his dedication to enhancing mining infrastructure and expanding our study of scientific phenomena. His dedication to providing a free haven for all, founded on egalitarian idealism, saw the Joh'Ruuni Consensus swell with immigrants and refugees from almost a dozen other space-faring races. It was his decision in 2350 to rename our nation The Grand Consensus, to better reflect the diversity among our many sentient citizens.

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Chancellor Hawthorn's rule wasn't without scandal, however. The 2315 cessation of the Consensus from the Just Concord was met with rioting on the streets, and surveys have shown that 8 out of 10 populations did not care about either of our wars with the Divine Compact. Opponents have regularly questioned what the Consensus gained from such conflicts – questions Chancellor Hawthorn refused to answer. Questions from Just Concord founders the Cithin Unified Systems and Themlar Nation over mismanagement of Federation resources went similarly unanswered. Frequent rumours abounded that the Hawthorn government was in debt to consumer services and mineral companies, and the Chancellor avoided comment on how much money was spent paying off local piracy syndicates to raid our enemies and keep them weak.

Representatives from our close allies the Vool Empire were visibly distraught to hear of Chancellor Hawthorn's death. When told of the tragedy of Chancellor Hawthorn's upcoming ascendance to synthetic form along with the rest of our people, the Spiritualist Vool declined comment, and cancelled our Migration Treaty. Vool who have emigrated to Consensus space have expressed their concern over these worsening relations, prior to submitting to neural matrix imaging.

Some divisive elements in parliament are calling into question the sincerity of interim Chancellor Reed Garland's grief over the death of his longtime rival. Known as the only Ruuni to interrupt Chancellor Hawthorn's undisputed reign, Ten Year Reed is a divisive figure in national politics. Voters among the scientific community have voiced their disapproval of the Chief Engineering Researcher's decision to run for Chancellor instead of working to ensure our Synthetic Evolution is completed safely and on-schedule.

Other elements in parliament are campaining hard for Sidgrugg, the first non-Ruuni to run for Chancellor since our discovery of intelligent life outside of the Joh system. Considering Researcher Sidgrugg will, like the rest of us, forgo their organic shell in the coming weeks, the meaningfulness of their election is somewhat lost on this reporter.

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Worried you're next to die before we ascend? Input 'Next Article' into your neural transmitter to discover our Top 17 Tips to Avoid Death in 2390.

(Figured you guys might enjoy this creative rundown of what just happened in my game. I am still crying. R.I.P. Bud.)

TL;DR my democratically-elected Chancellor, whose +10% mineral modifier was the only thing keeping my Empire in the green economically (and even that, sporadically), died two months out of our ascension to perfect synthetic beings. I have also discovered my screenshot keybind has reset for some reason, so I have nothing to remember of my beautiful boy. I am inconsolable.

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