Guide to 1v6 Same Species Purifier 2250 Crisis Part 1: Introduction and Early Game

stellaris 6 - Guide to 1v6 Same Species Purifier 2250 Crisis Part 1: Introduction and Early Game

Hello friends and welcome to the guide to beating 6 same species advanced start grand admiral purifiers with a 2250 crisis!

A few things before we begin:

  1. There are unwinnable games in this setting with things ranging from losing outright in 2210 to having the crisis spawn on your homeworld in 2300. Aiming for a >50% win rate is appropriate.
  2. I assume no cheese builds like 0 energy, 0 CG, etc.
  3. Settings are tiny ring galaxy, 6 same species purifier, grand admiral, all advanced start, all aggressive, 0.25-0.5 habitability, 0.75 hyperlanes, 2250 2x crisis, rest default settings.

If you play this right, you will be able to achieve things like this despite the harsh galaxy:

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If you don't play this right, even if you do not lose outright by 2230 (as you do 30-40% of the time on this map), you get something like this:

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Yes, that is a 100k FP fleet going after me while the scourge ate my empire.

Empire building guidelines:

  1. I always play authoritarian xenophobes. Maybe you can play something else, but the early game strength of authoritarian xenophobe is too great: worker output, suppressed consumer goods use, pop growth and reduced influence spending/increased influence gain are too much for securing your early borders. Remember, in 1v6 purifier, you need a strong early or you'll get run over.
  2. You need a strong early game. I always use a day 1 slavery build such as mechanist, slaver guilds or syncretic evolution. This is to suppress consumer goods use even more and have a strong resource base. Suppressing consumer goods use is absolutely vital.
  3. Third ethic is typically materialist, spiritualist or go fanatic on xenophobe/authoritarian. I strongly prefer the materialist/mechanist version; it is the most consistent in winrate for me both in surviving and in ridiculous feats (megastructures, super early crisis wins, etc).
  4. I've tried militarist versions both with warrior culture and without. The combat bonuses and tech bonuses just aren't as good early on as the econ bonuses from materialist/spiritualist or fanatic on authoritarian/xenophobe. Theoretically you can be amazing if you start slaver guilds/mining guilds then transition to warrior culture/citizen service/distinguished admirality no retreat corvettes midgame for ridiculous naval cap and fleet power. However, getting there is the hard part, since without spiritualist, materialist or fanatic authoritarian/xenophobe your economy will be weaker.
  5. Going IP is fine with authoritarian/xenophobe/pacifist since you won't need to make claims anyhow. I don't make empires specifically for this setup though, and going IP might not be so good in general games. My goal is to have a strategy and empire that works for general games, and happens to be able to beat 1v6 purifiers.

Sample empires that work:

Authoritarian/xenophobe/materialist, dictatorship

Mechanist/mining guilds/(police state)

Species: engineers/rapid breeders/deviant

Authoritarian/xenophobe/spiritualist, imperial

Slaver guilds/imperial cult/(aristocratic elite, replace slavers with police state)

Species: sociologists/rapid breeders/deviant

Fanatic xenophobe/authoritarian, dictatorship

Syncretic evolution/mining guilds/(police state)

Ruling species: intelligent/rapid breeders/deviant/decadent

Servile species: serviles/strong/rapid breeders/fleeting/slow learners

Strategy to 2250:

  1. Change policies to nutritional abundance, mixed economy, consumer benefits.
  2. Build no mining or research stations. Start exploring.
  3. When 300 minerals available, build mining district. 2 of your starting clerks go to mining.
  4. Sell 100 consumer goods for 140 energy. This should net you 300 energy to clear sprawing slums.
  5. By the time the sprawing slums clear you should be near 300-400 minerals. Evaluate your situation.
    1. Chokepoint far away? Save to 400, build alloy plant.
    2. Did not find an enemy? Build generator district.
  6. You should've scouted habitables by now. At 200 alloy, build colony ship before your outpost.
  7. Build outposts only on: systems with at least 8 total resources, systems with planets, chokepoints. Remember, each outpost = 1 corvette in terms of alloy cost. You need to keep outposts to a minimum. The best starting cluster shape is triangular or linear.
  8. When you've found a good chokepoint and at least 2 inhabitables, stop expanding and stop exploring. Fanatic purifiers will declare war on you if you border them and they will crush you. Try to leave unexplored space between you and them so they're forced to survey before having a path to you.
  9. At 25 and 30 population, build alloy foundry only. Amenities get low at 30 pops. Distribute luxury goods, don't build any amenities buildings or allow clerk jobs.
  10. When you get bastions, always have them be 2 gun platforms 1 range extension to force battles and prevent AI from microing ships around the station before you get FTL inhibitor.
  11. Defense stations should be 3 laser 1 gun. You need high accuracy for anti-corvette.
  12. Ideally you have 2 corvettes per defense platform (~12) to help screen them. Early game, defense stations are very good due to their firepower, but they'll fall to enough corvettes.
  13. Micro: put corvettes slightly behind defense stations. Have 1 corvette with missile, no more. The sole purpose of this corvette is to force aggro on enemy ships and bring them into station range. Let station tank first then send corvettes in.
  14. Technologies: prioritize economy>weapons>ships>armor/shields>research bonuses. Weapons and ships are still very important because they allow you to survive greater numbers. The most important pre-2250 technologies are (respectively for physics/society/engineering): capacity overload, planetary unification and starhold.
  15. Whenever you are low on energy, sell 50 consumer goods or 100 minerals, whichever you have excess of.
  16. Moving into the 2230's-2250's, you should get starhold before destroyers. Once you do that, make a choice: typically, destroyers are not as good as hull upgraded corvettes until yellow combat computer. However, cruisers are worth it. Autocannon/plasma corvettes are also good though. Here, you must choose between going autocannons and plasma, but staying at corvette, or going destroyer->cruiser. My rule of thumb is: am I in a war or is a truce about to end? do I have reduce corvette cost? do I already have autocannon, plasma or corvette hull researched? if so, stay corvette. Did I just leave a war or in a long truce, and destroyer came up? Immediately research destroyer.
  17. What if you get stuck with destroyer but no cruiser? M/S/S/S/S, all laser, 4 armor 2 shield is a good way to go. Typically corvettes don't have enough power to go dual shield, laser has superior accuracy, so get that. If you have destroyer and autocannon comes up, getting autocannon is also good.
  18. In 2250's, if you went for cruisers, you should have cruisers. With a little luck, correctly teching and not losing in a war yet, you'll have tier 3 lasers and guns, tier 2 armor/shield, green combat computer and cruiser tech. Now is the time: pump out 6M cruisers (4 laser 2 gun, 2 auxiliary fire control, picket computer, 4 armor 2 shield). From previous tests, cruisers decimate corvettes. Once you have cruisers, you should go on the offensive. How to do that is the subject of the next post.

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