Healthcare Needs Buffs

stellaris 2 - Healthcare Needs Buffs

So, this is an opinion I've seen floated before- but healthcare in Stellaris is far too weak, and badly needs buffs.

Right now, a Medical Worker job provides 5 Amenities (HALF of an Entertainer- who also gives Unity) and 5% pop growth.

That's weak. Pathetically weak. It takes 20*33.33333= 666.6666 months (55.55 years!) for a Medical Worker to produce a single additional pop (at that rate, you'd probably be better off just paying Clerks and unemployed pops to have lots of children in their free time, if this were possible…) So about 60-70% that time for a Medical Worker to make up the productivity difference between him/her and an Entertainer.

That's ridiculous. Productivity this low means that providing Healthcare to your citizens is pretty much NEVER the right strategic decision- which is wholly unrealistic.

Because healthcare is critical to averting/ending plagues (and disruptive diseases like Covid19 in real life!), treating infertility, and reducing maternal mortality, it really SHOULD provide more Pop Growth than it does.

Because having good healthcare is so important to people's Happiness in real life, Medical Workers should ALSO provide more Amenities.

Medical Worker jobs need a significant buff. Even if the jobs were, on average, just as good as running Entertainers (which they're NOT), they still require additional tech cost and separate facilities just to unlock.

Healthcare should be a much more productive, but much higher investment (medical buildings should cost more Minerals, Medical Workers should have higher CG usage, and medical techs should cost more tech points) job than Entertainers. They should NOT be jobs with such low productivity they're virtually worthless- this is both unrealistic (healthcare workers are some of the MOST valuable members of our labor force in real life) and very bad game design…


Taking it one step further:

The limit on the number of healthcare facilities should be lifted entirely (or perhaps limited to some fraction of available building-slots, maybe a fourth or a third). Medical Worker jobs and facilities should be available from the start of the game. Genetic Healthcare and Cyto Revitalization should be the level 2 and 3 UPGRADES to the basic healthcare facilities, not the techs that give you the basic facility and its upgrade.

It's impossibly unrealistic to think a planet could achieve FTL spaceflight and not have even 1/30th of its population (1 pop for a 30 pop starting empire that didn't take Planetary Unification) employed in healthcare already. Developed countries like the US are struggling to meet the demand for healthcare providers with fully 10% of their labor force in healthcare already, and healthcare as their fastest-growing employment field.

Any stable, FTL-capable empire at the dawn of its interstellar expansion would likely already employ at least 15-20% of its population in healthcare (about 4-6 pops at game start). Balancing healthcare needs should be a MAJOR demand on your workforce (and, FWIW, farming should require LESS labor to help free up pops for this: consider the US, which employs 11% of its population in agriculture- a fraction that would cause any starting Stellaris empire to starve- and is a major food EXPORTER…)

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