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stellaris 8 - Help Me Not Suck at Stellaris

So I've wanted Stellaris for a long time and with last week's Steam sale I finally picked it up. I love 4x games and I've been playing them since the original Master of Orion in the early 90s. I've been having a lot of fun with the game but I've encountered a major problem.

Problem is I suck at Stellaris.

Usually things go pretty well from the start. I build up territory, prioritize high yields first, get my economy rolling. But by the time I meet the 3rd or 4th alien race I seem to be falling behind consistently regardless of my playstyle and occasionally I am so far behind I could be wiped out by my closest neighbour as soon as I meet them.

What should I focus on generally in regards to economy and tech? I've been trying for energy and minerals at the start, only colonizing planets of my same homeworld type for my first 2.


What should I focus on building? Military seems unnecessary until you colonize another world so I've usually gone for a few science ships and mining/research stations. On planets I've gone almost exclusively for matching tile production for stacking tile output. So far I have rarely gotten to the point of getting Energy Grids so I've not specialized a planet to this point.

How do I maintain a strong economy? I am almost always lacking sorely in either energy, minerals, or research. This has been hitting me most militarily in general, when my civilization gets large I can't maintain a decent fleet.

TLDR: I love this game but I am struggling to build a strong empire and often fall behind. Send me your hot tips!

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