Help understanding Fleet ratio and ship designs

stellaris 1 - Help understanding Fleet ratio and ship designs

Hi guys! I have some questions I hope you can answer or at least guide me a little bit regarding Ship Designs and Fleet Ratio.

First of all, are Hangar Ships worth it? Like a dedicated design towards strike craft or amoeba?

Then, is it effective to scramble different weapons in a design or is it more effective to just get 1 design for kinnetic batteries, another for plasma, etc?

Also, what should be the ratio in my fleets? Is it good to just have 1 fleet of corvettes, 1 of destroyers and/or cruisers and 1 of battleships, or does scrambling them together work better? If so, how many of each should I put give or take for different situations.


I know these are kinda vague questions but I just wanted to know if there's a particularly "better" way to set up ships and fleets or if it's kinda just "fu*k it, go with what you want and it wont make much of a difference" besides of course the massive weapons like the tachyon laser.

Thanks guys!

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