Hive mind opening build order 2.2.2

stellaris 7 - Hive mind opening build order 2.2.2

As a former starcraft 2 player i always found very cool to theorycraft opening build orders and i tried the same in stellaris.

Everything you do in the early game multiply the effect in the late game, so the best possible opening is very important.

My goal was to create a good foundation to rapid expansion.

In my gameplay first colony was 1 jump 2nd 3 jump (different direction). Traits are agrarian and devouring swarm. General hive mind can do the same but a little bit slower or without map the stars edict.

Please let me know if you found this helpfull, or if you know something even better/faster build order, not just hive mind.


-set policies extraction focus/nutritional plentitude

-set edict map the stars

-mineral station in home system

2200.07.01 -2nd science ship


-science ship finished recruit scientiest

-agri district

2200.11.01 -energy station in home system

~2201.04.01 -starbase in first colony system

2201.05.01 -agri district finished -1 maintance drone

2201.06.01 -energy disctrict


-build mining/energy/sciense station (depend on the start)

-pop growth +1 maintance drone


-energy dis. finished -3 maintance drone

-synaptic node

2202.03.01 -adopt expansion tradition

2202.04.01 -build mining/energy/sciense station (depend on the start)


2202.05.01 -colony ship

2202.08.01 -build mining/energy/sciense station (depend on the start)

-2203.04.01 -starbase towards 2nd colony


-move colony ship to planet dont colonize yet

-build 2nd alloy foudry

2203.08.01 -build mining/energy/sciense station (depend on the start)

~2203.11.20 -build mining/energy/sciense station (depend on the start)


-one mind tradition

-colonize first colony

~2204.03.20 -build mining/energy/sciense station (depend on the start)

-2204.10.01 -2nd colony ship

-2205.05.01 -build starbase toward 2nd colony


-move colony ship

-build starbase in 2nd colony system

-2206.04.01 -spawning frenzy tradition


-build mining/energy/sciense station (depend on the start)

-colonize 2nd planet


-3rd science ship if u not found 3rd planet, or build starbase if planet 3 jump away, or wait for 200 alloy/500 food for 3rd colony ship if 2 jump away.

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If you dont need 4 starbase for the first 2 colony u can crank out the 3rd science ship after the first colony ship

From this point its really depends on the 3rd colony position and the additional resources in the systems.

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