Horizon Signal cheese tips [2.8+]

stellaris 3 - Horizon Signal cheese tips [2.8+]

CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE ENTIRE EVENT CHAIN & some others.Here are some tips i've collected over the years about the Horizon Signal event chain aka the most cheesable event chain to continue existing.

——— Basic stuff ———

Every time a manned science ship enters a blackhole system (one that isn't home to one of the Leviathans), there is a 1 in 100 chance the Horizon Signal event will fire. It won't fire if you are a Hive or a Machine Intelligence. (Synths Permitted.)

Once the special project is completed, the scienceship and its scientist will have entered the black hole, and will be removed from the game. The project doesn't check the scientist's level however, so it's best to have a level 1 complete it.

However, if you decline the initial event, your scientist will get the Substance Abuser trait, and you won't deal with the Horizon Signal events at all.

To build the "Omega Alignment" building, to then finish the event, you will first need the "Entropic Recursion" (phys) technology, which is gained after going through with the chain, and you will need the "Doctrine: Strange Loop" (soc) technology, which is gained from investigating the Loop Temple on your capital planet.

If you have both of those techs, you'll eventually come across the "Omega Theory" tech, which will allow you to build the Omega Alignment, which fires the final event upon completion.

——— Tips ———

'worming' is accepting the worm in the final event ("YES. Whatever it requires, we consent.") in the chain and having every habitable/barren/molten world in your capital system turn into a Tomb World. Referred to as "tomb ending" in game files.

Always read the hovertext.

– Science-ship spam cheese still works as of 2.8+. Build a tonne of scienceships (5-10 is best), man them, and patrol them between blackholes. You should keep these low-level scientists employed so that when the worm inevitably calls for 2 of them, you won't typically lose your proper leaders. You can fire them after you get Entropic Recursion.

– Gas Giants and artificial worlds (See note 2) will not be affected by 'worming', and will be essentially ignored. All applicable worlds will also have their deposits and modifiers rerolled, and all of the biological pops living on them will be given Tomb World preference (aka 60% habitability on all worlds) aswell as some other changes it makes to those species:

Traits removed: Natural Engineers, Natural Sociologists and Charismatic

Traits added: Natural Physicists and Repugnant

If the species has Nerve Stapled, that trait will be removed too.

Also, all stars in the system are changed into Black Holes. There is no restriction to what system the event chain can be completed in, as long as it has the Omega Alignment and is your capital. (See note 3)

– The "Messenger" subchain is optional, and completing it can give your main species the Intelligent trait (See note 1), but it will change it's portrait to an entirely different species type. May or may not be annoying depending on how ugly it is.

– Even if you're not going to war, hire an Admiral. It will allow the Syzygy to spawn and upon defeat, will give that admiral the "Foredoomed to a Rendezvous" trait, for +25% sublight speed.


– Whenever one of your fleets or ships enters a system, there is a chance that both the Messenger and the Syzygy events will fire. They fire at the same time for… some reason.

– Don't 'worm' fully built-up systems, as their deposits will be rerolled and subsequently their districts and jobs will be reduced. For normal planets, anyway.

– Don't like that the Omega Alignment building takes up a building slot? Build a habitat in your capital system and move your capital to that habitat, then build the Omega Alignment there. You can blow up the habitat with a colossus afterwards.

– You can 'worm' any system you like, since the event is checked against your *capital* and not your *homeworld*. You can move your capital (i.e. a Habitat) to change where you want to build the Omega Alignment, therefore how many free worlds you get from the system.

– If you ever get the 'Deceptive Giant' anomaly, that planet will be around size 50. That is not a joke. I typically always choose that system to entomb, even if it has a small amount of planets.

– You can always terraform those tomb worlds later if you want to.

– If one of your fleets/ships enters the system with the Infinity Machine, the Infinity Machine will request 800 energy & minerals and in return adds 10 society research to Gargantua.

– If you have decent mineral or research deposits in your capital system, build habitats above the deposits and THEN 'worm' the system. Afterall, those habitats won't change, and will keep their special districts.

– If you colonize a planet (See note 2) after starting the Horizon Signal chain, it'll get the Waiting World event. Allow the colony to mysteriously grow via the events, and if the population suddenly disappears, resettle all of them to your capital (or another planet) before you close the event. It's free pops.

– If you defeat the worm ("NO. We have brought it here to learn and, if need be, defeat it."), you get some physics research and energy – and the Worm Scales relic if you have the Ancient Relics DLC

– The worm will have an est. military strength of around 10,000 to 15,000, balanced armour/shields and no evasion. Does crap damage against shields, so prep your ships with shield defense and torpedoes.

– Worm Scales relic grants +10% physics research speed passive modifier, and +20% Research speed, -5 planet stability active modifier.


Hopefully i haven't missed anything, but let me know if i did.


Note 1: Completing the Messenger will give the affected species the Intelligent trait, but will remove Erudite and the Uplifted traits from the Enigmatic Cache, if the species has any of the traits. It does nothing in this regard if your species already has Intelligent.

Note 2: "Artificial Worlds" include Ringworlds, Habitats, Ecumenopolii and Relic worlds. For the Tomb end event, other ringworld classes and asteroids are blocked from becoming tomb worlds.

Note 3: You unfortunately cannot steal the event chain from other players, since the event checks that you yourself are the one with the Horizon Signal event chain.

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