How a random anomaly choice saved my empire

stellaris 2 - How a random anomaly choice saved my empire

This is the story about how my small, generally peaceful “People’s Democracy of Earth” defeated the most powerful Empire in the galaxy through a totally random choice I made in an anomaly event chain. In the mid-23rd century, my science ship comes across a giant supercomputer counting down to a date fifty years in the future. I decide to leave a skeleton crew on the planet. Why not?

This event happens in a system adjacent to the “Isadora” system, a border system with the Aramathi Regime. These guys are hegemonic imperialists with overwhelming fleet strength compared to mine. I had just come off a fanatic militarist run so my People’s Democracy is a mostly peaceful space communist utopia with a fairly small navy. Originally, relations are good, they have a “protective” attitude towards me but that all changes when they sign a research agreement with my main rival. Their attitude then goes from “protective” to “domineering” real fast.

I quickly sign a Defense Pact with their neighbor, the Sildor Empire. But it’s too late, the Aramathi demand the People’s Democracy submit to vassalization. I refuse, better to make them bleed as much as possible before surrender. Their fleet strength is overwhelming compared to mine, so I decide to combine my entire navy into one fleet, just to have a chance. In total, I have about 3k fleet power. Problem is my fleet near the Aramathi border is only 1.5k, the rest are on the other side of my empire.

The enemy focuses their attack on the Sildor first, giving me some time to breathe. My ally gets absolutely fucking steamrolled, in a year they lose their capital and most of their systems. Once they’re neutralized, a huge 6k fleet moves to attack Isadora station. Half my navy at this point is still a few systems away so I decide to retreat. The border defense station falls and the Aramathi launch a full scale offensive deep into People’s Democracy space.

The next hyperlane chokepoint is the Distill system so I decide to make my last stand there. If it falls, they have an unimpeded route straight to Earth. My fleet is all together and I upgrade Distill station with new defense platform tech. Still, I’m looking at a 2k disadvantage. I prepare to surrender, and focus hard on building up my fleet to eventually win a rebellion.


On the eve of battle however, something amazingly unexpected happens. I get a notification that the supercomputer countdown from the anomaly fifty years ago, which I had completely forgotten about, has finished. My skelton crew is presented with a crazy new nanite interdictor ship, with 2k fleet power! And it’s right next to Isadora station. With the newly minted UNS Fenrir, I take back my border station. If I can get the 1k station, the Fenrir, and the rest of my fleet all together, I may just have a chance.

The rest of my navy navigates around the enemy and pushes back towards Isadora. The Aramathi, as expected, destroy Distill station. Instead of advancing towards Earth however, they follow my fleet back north towards Isadora. It’s a very tight chase, there are several instances where their fleet is in the same system as mine, but each time I manage to jump away just at the last moment. Until finally, my Starfleet reaches Isadora station.

It’s about a day before the Aramathi fleet arrives. I like to imagine my Admiral Petrenko gave the troops a rousing speech about fighting to ensure human independence from tyrants. The People’s Democracy of Earth would be the rock the Aramathi Regime crashes its Empire upon.

On April 6, 2308, the Aramathi fleet enters the Isadora system. My corvettes hit first, taking major casualties but drawing their fire.. The enemy eventually comes in range of my cruisers, the station’s upgraded defense platforms, and the Fenrir, and faces the full brunt of their firepower. At the same time, the surviving corvettes light them up from all sides. Against all odds, we win.

There are many casualties for sure, but the Aramathi take far more. Their fleet’s home base is just a system away, so I see them limp back for repairs. I get sent a status quo peace offer, I smile as I decline it. I send my fleet with the Fenrir at its head to destroy the rest of the enemy ships still under repair. I eventually take the status quo offer, that is after I conquer several of their systems.

With my new nanite interdictor, the trajectory of the People’s Democracy of Earth changed. Whereas before, my empire was a mostly peaceful utopia, now it projected its will through its fleet. A century later, it would be a humiliated Aramathi Regime that would submit to vassalization.

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