How a Years Old Bug Destroyed My Fleet, Doomed My Empire, and Ruined My Game

stellaris 6 - How a Years Old Bug Destroyed My Fleet, Doomed My Empire, and Ruined My Game

This is a long story fellow God-Emperors, so sit back and relax… or scroll to the end for the TL;DR.

Let's start this story from the beginning, my Fanatic Xenophile Egalitarian empire found itself bordered by three Fanatic Xenophobes of various secondary ethics. I was rivaled one by one only a few months after I made first contact with each. Some years later I received communications from an empire across one of my northern rival's borders.

They were Fanatic Xeno Lovers as well! We both became quite smitten with each other over only a few months as they had rivaled my two Northern rivals. After trading communications with my new best friends I learned they bordered another Fanatic Xenophile nation!

What luck! Within months the three of us had become thick as thieves with mutual defense pacts, migration treaties, the whole shebang, between all three of our great xeno loving empires.

After around a decade I had discovered every major empire in the galaxy through a simple method of trading phone numbers with my Allies, then my Allies' neighbors, then my Allies' neighbor's neighbors… so on and so forth, you get the idea. I discovered another Fanatic Alien Fucker empire on the opposite corner of the galaxy, surprisingly they were still rivaling one of my rivals! I eventually realized it was through a wormhole connection.

Meanwhile, while me and my allies were discussing what aliens are the best for sexual intercourse (the Blorg were obviously at the top of everyone's list), sinister forces were banding together. My Fanatic Xenophobe rivals all slowly built defensive pacts with each other, I noticed it occurring but paid it no mind as I figured my allies were enough deterrence.

At around the year 2240 a strange event box popped up while I was busy counting how many cute little xenos I have on my planets. I believe it was a modded event as in my 1000 hours I had never seen it before. It essentially told me that one of my Northern rivals had sent a raiding force into my borders to harass my merchant ships.

"How barbaric!" I exclaimed. "You should be ashamed of yourselves, you adorable fucks!"

I had two options, I could press the issue or let it drop and ease the tension between us. Obviously, dropping the issue and easing the tension would simply add a short-lived opinion bonus modifier and lower my pop's happiness because I looked weak. The other option, pressing the issue, told me I had the chance to receive an apology or a war would break out and my rival would receive claims on the bordering system.

Now, here's my mistake, I assumed since I would demand an apology if they refused then they would be the aggressors. I was wrong, apparently, as once they refused war was declared and when I checked the war box I nearly collapsed from shock. None of my allies had joined the war, but his allies had.


Somehow, them raiding my territory and refusing to apologize and then declaring war on me makes me the aggressor. I was suddenly in an offensive war against three very angry and possibly genocidal neighbors. Now, you might think this is the bug I'm alluding to that fucked me over, but no. No, no, no, this I could handle.

My fleet was able to defend my Southern border with my lone rival while my Star Fortress was able to hold off my Northern enemies for a short while. After losing a Southern system with my Penal Colony, regaining the system and liberating the criminals, I rushed my fleet up North as my enemies assaulted with all their might.

Their first offensive was repelled, but they quickly returned with the same battered and bruised fleet. My station hadn't had a chance to fully recover and they barely eked out a victory. My fleet quickly warped through system after system, but time was ticking away and by the time they arrived the occupied system's station had fully healed.

Not a big deal, I thought, my fleet was twice as powerful as the station and it would easily handle it. But I was unaware that this was the beginning of the end. My fleet engaged the station, intense combat ensued and slowly my fleet managed to break down the station's health.

No shields, no armor, and at 10% hull the station was on the verge of collapse when the unthinkable occurred. It fucking instantly healed all of it's health at the turn of the month.

For those unaware, when you research a new tech relating to your navy, such as new shields or armor or weapons, your stations are automatically upgraded. Should a station be mid-combat when technology advances it will instantly upgrade itself and fully repair to 100% integrity.

In other words, it's fucking bullshit.

It gets worse, however, as I think my fleet might have been able to still defeat the station at a heavy cost had my enemies not sent their broken fleet back into the mix. Thankfully, my Admiral was quite the tactical genius, and his next move was nothing short of brilliance. He sent the entire fleet over to the enemies fleet, completely ignoring the station. He fucked over himself, fucked over the rest of the fleet, and fucked over his entire country in the process.

My fleet was utterly destroyed and at that point I simply exited to the main menu, deleted my savefile, and quite to desktop. And that, my fellow Xeno lovers/haters, is how a bug ruined my game and made me want to write an essay on Reddit.

TL;DR – Game bad, space station glitch causes it to instantly heal all damage mid-combat if the owner researched a tech upgrade. This happened to me and my fleet died so I rage quit and wrote an essay on Reddit.

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