How can the robots rise up if we become them? (stellaris suggestions)

stellaris 1 - How can the robots rise up if we become them? (stellaris suggestions)

Here are my suggestions:

can we can get more events for synthetic evolution and transcendence. Perhaps transcendence unlocks the ability the colonize a psionic world or plane of existence, a world found in dark holes that can produce a lot of zro if you don't have access to any. I feel like at this point getting those two ascensions are a means to an end, they don't really give any meaning to an empire other than its benefits.

Also stellaris used to have "mandates" in the situation log, but rather than having mandates not just for political reasons, how about if you had different names of mandates based on the government you were playing and rewards based on what your building. that would be more rewarding and engaging. For example:

a federation that's burdened with bureaucracy can have mandates,

a mega corp can have financial advisers giving "advice" on what you should build based on what you don't have or are not exploiting yet.

a democracy can instead have its citizens give suggestions, like more farming on a farm planet, more amenity buildings or growth is slow, so build a hospital on this planet to boost growth or use an edict. or it's citizens asking for utopian abundance or social welfare (communism)

Taking it a step further, in these events, maybe we can have:

Citizens who want to become synthetic,


Creating an event that allows you to choose to either turn into a determined exterminator or an assimilater halfway through your synthetic (r)evolution, meaning while you still have pops that aren't synthetic you can choose to wait to turn them synthetic, become an assimilater and assimilate them (it's the same thing, but different from a role playing perspective) , or your empire taking "the flesh is weak" to heart and annihilates what's left of your organic population, AI would never stage an uprising RIGHT?

Citizens who are psionic wanting to become a gesalt consciousness.

It's not enough that your population can communicate with each other telepathically, to truly be as one, they must become as one.

In general, having the ability to turn your empire with civics to an empire with gesalt consciousness or vice versa can be very immersive from a role playing perspective. it allows you to question the role of you and your entire empire in a galaxy that's filled with diversity.

That's my suggestion, if any stellaris developers are reading this, i'd love to see this implemented in the game, i just hope it doesn't cause too many bugs.

TL;DR events for transcendent and synthetic evolution ascension perks that allow you to become a gesalt consciousness, or a vice versa event. Bring back mandates with different names based on your government and more suggestions with a wider range of rewards.

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