How could I create this simple mod?

stellaris 4 - How could I create this simple mod?

Hi. I got inspired to set up another stellaris game after seeing that thread about x.25 tech/tradition speed, but I want to make it in a galaxy with x.25 habitable worlds and high mid/end-game year, and a few mods (giga-engineering and zenith of fallen empires are the largest I have). Anyway, I'd also love to increase the cost of megastructures greatly, like a x4 or x5 or so value. I'd want this because there'd be a large influx in minerals considering I'll probably be playing a 3x longer game (thus 3x more minerals), and it'd also be interesting to up it even further than that influx because the living-space ringworlds and habitats can offer will be more valuable considering how few habitable planets there are.


Anyway, I've looked into modding a tiny bit, and from what I've gathered the static modifiers or defines are probably my best bet, but I'm not sure which value to modify. I can't find much on megastructures by searching through the commondefines or commonstatic_modifiers, but I know they need to have some form of universal value because it can be modified by master builders and living metal. Would the only way to increase megastructure cost it be a scripted country event on game-start for every empire that gives a permanent megastructure cost increase, or is there some universal megastructure-build-cost modifier I've overlooked?

Thanks in advance!


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