How do we actually play Rogue Servitors?

stellaris 2 - How do we actually play Rogue Servitors?

I feel like it is a constant struggle much worse than organic empires…

Whenever you build anything with a Maintenance Drone, they just jump over, abandoning their old job.

And then you are always under an energy crisis. So you build a Bio-reactor. It's nice for just the first few years. Then if you decide to colonise any new planet, your bio-trophies follow you there and start growing. Soon enough, even all 3 Agri districts have been built up at home, you still need more Food to sustain both the reactor and your trophies.

Not to mention… A new colony has 4 jobs in the capital. And before you have filled them up, and in such a slow rate, your drones can't start farming or mining or doing anything useful at all.

To add to the predicament, your bio-trophies have grown up to 7 guys with only 3 drones in your new colony right before you can upgrade your admin building… These 7 guys are unemployed and it just says they have become Crime Drones…

I started colonising 3 planets at the same time… And the Bio-trophies are just growing out of hands… We start the game with 5 of them and 34 machine drones… We end up with less than 60 machine drones when the Bio-trophies have grown up to 30.

And your Capital can only have 3 Farming districts… And you need a new colony to farm more food… But your new colony needs at least 5 drones before they start producing anything… Running a deficit until god knows when…

Any tip at all? No wonder why the computer players can't colonise a few patches ago.

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