How far into the game can you make it with mods before it becomes unplayable?

stellaris 2 - How far into the game can you make it with mods before it becomes unplayable?

I'm trying to see if my situation is normal or if I have an issue with the mods I'm using.

Currently, I'm running on an i7-6700k at 4.2 ghz (stock clock) with 16 GB ram and a GTX 1080. So a decent setup if no longer top of the line.

I'm using about 80 mods, most of them are cosmetic in nature but several alter the gameplay and I'm trying to figure out if its a mod issue or if running into performance issues when I do is normal in a modded playthrough. (I can provide this modlist later today once I'm home from work if this would help with the troubleshooting). ETA Modlist link: I use most of those mods with a few additions like carrying capacity. I removed the Hemothep dynamic difficulty mod as it was causing the AI to grow pops at stupid rates in order to keep up

In my current mod list, it seems that around 2350 the game becomes nearly unplayable, with large hangs on the first of every year (5-10 seconds, sometimes 15) and significant slow downs on the first of every month (2-3 seconds of slow responsiveness). The slowdown starts to become noticeable around the 2275-2300 mark. This is on a medium galaxy, 0.25 habitable worlds.

Pops aren't super out of control, my empire usually has about 2k with most AI empires having significantly less. In vanilla playthroughs I've had 5 times that number and still didn't have the issues I'm having currently.


Another issue is that when selecting any fleet of significant size, the game immediately slows to an absolute crawl to the point that i'm getting micro stutters every few seconds. Now if I pause the game, select the fleet in question, issue orders, and then deselect, the game is fine(ish) in that the days will continue to cycle by roughly a day and a half a second. Also, this problem only seems to occur in the later game (2350+). In early game, I have no issues with selecting larger fleets, even those comprised of 100s of corvettes. I suspect this issue comes to the surface in the late game as a compounding symptom of the overall system being overly taxed.

It just seems that it may be an mod issue as the day to day cycle is smooth and perfectly fine, but the beginning of the month and especially the beginning of the year result in significant slow downs/hard locks as well as the fleet issue outlined above.

I've run my modlist through Irony and resolved conflicts as best I could and the mods are performing as expected in that I'm not seeing tooltip errors or crashes, but it seems to have accelerated the rate at which a session becomes unplayable.

Thanks for any feedback, I know this was kind of all over the place, so if clarification is needed, let me know and I'll try to provide more detail.

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