How I Accidentally Made My Friends Sell Their Babies

stellaris 2 - How I Accidentally Made My Friends Sell Their Babies

So, there I was, playing a totally mundane MegaCorporation focused on subsidiaries. Fairly early on, I encountered a primitive empire of Geico geckos. I enlightened them, gifted them a few systems surrounding their homeworld, and took them in as a subsidiary. Then I forgot about them for a few decades.

When I next checked in, I found their home planet had ruined buildings and only 2 pops. This was less than they started with! I'd leave them alone for a bit, then come back, and they'd still have only 2 pops, even years later.

As this kept happening, I got fed up, so I decided to sit and watch their planet for a while until I figured it out. I saw as they grew a third pop, and then shortly after that pop disappeared. Suddenly, I realized what was happening.


They had a fully developed planet and several systems with mining stations. All of that cost a lot of upkeep. And since they only had two pops, which went to one ruler and one specialist job, they didn't have any workers to gain energy from. The only energy they had came from a handful of mining stations. And on top of that, they owed 20% of their energy income to me. So they were deep in the red

This empire had the slaver guilds civic. So every time a pop was grown, it would become a slave. And they would then immediately sell that pop onto the slave market for pocket change. They were selling their babies to pay the piper.

So, understandably, I released them as a subsidiary. A few decades later, I checked on their planet and saw they were holding strong at 40 pops. I brought them back in as a subsidiary with open arms.

So the lesson is, don't make your cute friends sell their kids.

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