How is Synthetic Ascension STILL broken?!

stellaris 8 - How is Synthetic Ascension STILL broken?!

Firstly, two species end up being formed – one for "uploaded" synths (ex-organics) and built synths, instead of being merged into a primary species and a subspecies, meaning it is impossible to modify both at once.

Secondly, it is impossible to change Citizenship species rights for either uploaded or built synths, all valid options appear selectable (default is Full Citizenship, with Residence, etc available) but do nothing when selected but trigger the 10-year cooldown. This means you can't change your built synths' rights to Undesirables to disassemble them, something Machine Empires also struggle with as they, too, have to MANUALLY disassemble all robot/droid/synth pops on conquered worlds.


Thirdly, military service, population controls (yes, synths have those), and colonization rights all behave the same as Citizenship does. The ONLY two things that work are living standards and migration controls.

All of these apply to both uploaded and built synths.

Paradox, COME ON! It's been forever since the release of Synthetic Dawn! How is this still broken?!


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