How much would you willing to sacrifice for the sake of performance?

stellaris 3 - How much would you willing to sacrifice for the sake of performance?

Currently there are 3 potential sources for performance issues for an UNMODDED game. At least that i'm aware of.

  1. Very large number of ships. Even on vanilla you can intentionally cause it, by building a shitload of ships. Like 3000 corvettes. But it is even more visible when multiple mayor events are in play. Like the unbidden makes a visit during war in heaven, and you also overbuilt your fleet like hell to combat the awakened empires.

The ultimate solution (and sacrifice): eliminate all visual representation of combat, and ships. All fleet regardless of composition would be represented with a single ship, and during combat the game would use some sort of calculation to create results. This calculation depending on how well/badly done would may, or may not give accurate result. But unless, if you decide to spread your ships into thousands of separated fleet it would erase the performance issues caused by this. Assuming, that the fleet power is not re-calculated each day for no reason.

  1. Very large army. Now on vanilla game the only way to get this one is by intentionally doing it. Build up a shitload of armies, and your game will slow down. Solution is similar to the first with a minor expansion. Army fleets also get added to the fleet manager. This way you don't have to go through the planets, order to build armies, and cause 30 separated army fleet. Instead press one button, and planets will build up your army, and pull together as soon as possible.

  2. Large population, and colonies. Now this one is very complicated, because of how the game works. So i'm gona provide multiple potential solution.

  3. Reduce total population. Pretty much what the devs are planning with next patch.

  4. Further reduce total population by using Stellaris Immortal style. Most stuff increase production at the cost of increasing pollution. While there is a specialized district, that reduce pollution. You got a single pop making a lot alloys, and 5 pop. working on the pollution they cause.

  5. Erase pop. system altogether. There are literary infinite ways to do this. But this would mean, that all racial trait effects, and faction modifiers, and happiness would be reduced to a planetary modifier. Along with erasing any, and all micro potential. Plus the whole demote system would also been eliminated.


Here is how i would do the third one. First building slots erased. All resource gets into districts. City district no longer provide any resource, but instead increase maximum population on planet. Other districts provide workplaces, and base production. Each district provide 100 workplace, and population grows 1 at each month on base. The total production of each job is {base production}*(population/workplaces)*other modifiers. We would get an extra menu for the planet to set the ratio of jobs for our population. Happiness would be converted to a single modifier, that affects the whole planet. Factions' effect on happiness would be summarized into a single modifier on the planet. Traits would be present as a single modifier on each job. Calculated based on how many portion of the population has it. Favoring job would mean, that in case of racial conflict the game would increase the output of the favored one. For example, if you got 150 pop with intelligent, and industrious trait, and other 150 pop, that has neither, and you spread these equally for 300 researcher, and 300 miner. If you favor neither, then you get 150-150, and you gain 7% extra trait bonus for minerals, and 5% extra for research. But if you favor research, then all pop with intelligent trait goes there providing 10% extra for research, and the other 150 goes to mineral granting 0% boost for it.

In the end. The number of population would be irrelevant. Only the number of colonies, and the number of different jobs on colonies would matter. Those however would matter more, but which one cause more lag? 10000 pop. on 80 colony, or 200 pop. on 200 colonies? This one would require it's own testing. Maybe with some insane mod, that allows to start with a 200 empires, but each empire gets 1 pop. on start.

EDIT: another potential is total economic dumbing. Erase all materials, and give a single one, that is called. MONEY. Money would be gained from taxes, and taxes could be set empire, or planet wide. More tax means more income from the population, but at the cost of reducing grow rate, and happiness. Less tax increase these, but would also mean less money. Changing taxes would create a temporary boost on happiness, and grow rate. Both negative, and positive. For example, if you reduce the tax, then suddenly happiness get increased greatly, and pop. grow get some extra bonus, but this great boost gets reduced over time. If you suddenly increase the tax, then population gets angry, and panics about it. Reducing these more, than the stabilized effect.

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