How one tiny oversight cost my enemy half their systems and all of their ships:

stellaris 1 - How one tiny oversight cost my enemy half their systems and all of their ships:

It is the year of 2258. War has begun between my empire (NEUCOM Inc.) and the permanently angry Galactic Norani Combine. The Norani had more ships, more power, more systems, and one goal: To annex all of NEUCOM's territory. This was going to be a hard war. My fleet's power just barely matched the power of their fully fortified border stations that adorned their borders, and I could not construct any more out of it otherwise causing me to overstep the naval capacity.

However, after closer inspection of the NEUCOM-Norani border, I noticed something very interesting. One of my systems leads to an untouched system, called Edaine. Edaine was a rather low-value system, not containing much in the way of resources. But it lead right into a completely defenseless entry-point in Norani territory.

As I have found out later, the Norani operate three fleets of equal power, each patrolling the territory. However, none of those patrols intersected the defenseless part I was about to occupy.

So I amassed the entire navy and rushed into Norani space, quickly overtaking several systems, which finally gathered the attention of one of the patrol fleets, which, by itself, was far weaker than my navy. It also turns out the Norani still employ standard Deflectors and Mass Drivers, as opposed to my Shields and UV lasers, and the recently discovered Null Void Beam (A special long-range weapon that completely annihilates shields) which made short work of the patrol fleet, which gathered the attention of the other two fleets. I did take some losses (nine corvettes and two destroyers) but I won both battles, chased the defeated fleets down to their bases and wrecked their stuff. Suddenly that "Superior" fleet power of theirs was turned into a "Pathetic".

Following this, I rapidly occupied most of their systems, since the only fortified systems were the aforementioned border bastions. Which belong to me now, after bombarding the Norani capital into rubble and the empire into submission.

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What have we learned today?

"Rapidity is the essence of war: take advantage of the enemy's unreadiness, make your way by unexpected routes, and attack unguarded spots."-Sun Tzu

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