How powerfull is a Game Start Corvette.

stellaris 2 - How powerfull is a Game Start Corvette.

Stablishing the Corvette stats:

Game Start Corvertte:

14 km Long (8,6 Miles)

160 Units of Speed (US)

75 units of Power (UP)

100 Alloys of Mass.

Corvertte achieve peak speed around 1 day.

A Corvertte can go from Sun to Pluto in 40 days.

39,5-40 AU= Avaragedistance from Pluto to sun.

1 AU/Day.

Average speed: 6.250.000 Km/H. (3.883.569,9 Miles/h)

How the crew can endure the aceleration, is hard to say, but the evidences in-game means that they can.

IRL corvettes would be from 500 to 3.000 tons and measure 55 to 128 meters in length.

I´ll use the 55 m long and 500 tons Irl Corvette as a base to calculate the mass of the Stellaris Corvette.

A Stellaris Corvertte is 254 times larger than the 55-meter Corvette, soo, would have 254^3 the volume (and consequentially the mass).

A corvette is around 8194 megatons in mass, or 8,1 gigatons, it is massive, but in perspective, is more than 2 orders of magnitude lighter than Mount Everest.

To move an 8194 megatons ship from relative 0 to 6.250.000 Km/H, is necessary 1,2×10^19 MW or MJ/s, or 2,9 Exatons of TNT, and this consume 10 Units of Power of the fission nuclear reactor.

The fission reactor of such ship produces 75 Units, around 9×10^19 MJ of power.

What type of nuclear fuel it uses to power fission, I can´t say, but they had found some way to harvest this amount of energy from the fission, or at least is this what their feats tell us.

The red lasers consumes 5 UPs or 6,0×10^18 MJ of energy, assuming we have 40% of efficiency of energy transference (the energy that would actually hit the target) (and we can assume that the each tier is 10% more efficient because it is more advanced), we would have a laser that hits with a force of 2,4×10^18 MJ, or 290 Petatons of TNT.

290 Petatons of TNT translates to 6-16 of damage.

Assuming 290 Petatons is equal to 16 of damage, 1 DMG=18 Petatons of TNT in energy

The main weapons of the ships take days in game to reload (if we look to the repeatable technologies, we know that this is because of heat and with kinetic weapons are for reloading time)

We see that lasers keep firing for 2-3 days nonstop, and that autocannons and point defense actually fires more often than the reload time indicates in-game.

So, we can assume that against lighter targets, the lasers could be fired with less than the maximum potency, lowering the energy and the cooldown time in the process or firing it for shorter periods of time.

And we can see that one Corvertte have 10 units of pirate suppression, with or without any main weapons, and this is more iffy, but, considering that you can´t politely ask a pirate to stop raiding, I would say that means that the hull itself have some kind of weapon´s system capable of offensive operations design as ‘’true point defense’ ’or to be used in smaller vessels, like pirate likely used before they truly became a problem, capable of firing faster with less powerful weapons, and even if such weapons are shooting with several gigatons of power, this would be nothing compared with the energy that the ship itself consumes.

A corvette even without any type of infrastructure and shortage of energy (that also counts as salary for the crew and other goods necessary to keep it working) and alloys for maintenance, still is able to fight with 25% efficiency, with systems like radar and ship´s cpu not diminish even in this situation, and this ¼ is the lowest functionality that this ship can have fully crewed and in functional state of repairs.

The Computer of the ship consumes 5 units of energy, or 6,0×10^18 MJ/S (6,0×10^18 Mega Watts) of energy, assuming 50% of efficiency (this is drasticaly wastefull) we could assume that 3,0×10^18 MW would transform in processing power.

Our most powerful supercomputer, the Fugaku, have a performance of 415,530 TeraFlop /s Or 415,5 PetaFlops/S consuming 28,3 Megawatts of power, giving us 14,6 PetaFlops per MW.

Assuming we didn´t put a more efficient computer on those ships, we could calculate how much processing power the ship´s system would have using what would be ancient outdated tech in 2200.

1,46×10^16 . 3,0^18 * 4,38x 10^34 Flops/s

For perspective how ludically large this number is, ff we have enough Fugaku super computers to consume 18 TeraWatts in one single second (18TW being the annual eletric energy production of 2013), those computers would need 4,38×10^10 Seconds or or 3150 Years to achieve the same FLOPs that our Corvertte ship´s computers does in one second, you could play stellaris with a 1:1 galaxy with one of those computers without any trouble.

The Radar of the ship.

The Basic radar of the Corvette is powerful enough to give the ship a complete vision of the Solar system if centered on the sun, but it can also detect ships as small as the striker craft from the other side of the solar system, giving it an effective 90 AU of diameter of vison , or 6361,7 AU2 and it can actually gather info of the stats of a ship that did use similar radar systems or cruder.

The Crew of the Ship.

Due to the level of potency that the central computer of the ship has, we could assume that the ship was entirely automated, but we know that the ships have crews by the station buildings and the promoted admiral event.

By comparing the numbers of crew of some of the largest military ships that we have today, we could estipulate the numbers of humans serving inside the Corvertte.

Nimitz-class aircraft carrier had around 6012 personal to crew it, or 5.922 without the airwing pilots, and our standard corvette is 42 times larger than the carrier, and have around 74.000 times the internal volume, if it was as crowded as some of our irl ships, it would house around to 438 million working on this ship, but , because the grade of the ship´s computer letting a greater amount of automation, it safe to say that we could cut this number at least 2 orders of magnitude.

4,38 million navy men and women working on this single corvette.

And we know by the rebel fleet events that boarding actions are a thing in Stellaris and thus, we can say that arsenals, boarding crafts, boarding parties and etc would be include within the crews of the ship, with this crew size, it could house a few thousand breaching specialists to fight off invasions or do the invading themselves.


And still on the Radical Cult event chain, we know that the ships would have some kind of self-sufficiency in food, water and oxygen generation, because even after being transformed into a drifting coffin to the cultists, they still manage to survive for days, weeks, months or even for undefined amount of time, they won’t die out of hunger.

Stellaris Basic Start Corvertte:

UNS Jordan (3x Red Lasers, 2 Deflectors, 1 Nanocomposite Armor, Hyper Drive I Chemical Thrusters, Radar Systems and Basic Combat Computer):

Size: 14 km in length or 8.6 Miles.

Max speed: 6.250.000 Km/H (3.883.569,9 Miles/h)

Power Production: 9×10^19 MJ/S or 9×10^19MW

Mass: 8,194 gigatons.

Max force of single salvo: 870 Petatons of TNT

Average Firepower of a single salvo: 348 Petatons

Total Resistance: 11,7 Exotons of TNT

Hull:9,0 Exatons of TNT

Deflectors: 900 Petatons each, 1,8 Exatons Total

Armor: 900 Petatons.

Undefined pirate suppression (possibly 2 or more orders of magnitude below the nominal fire power and 2 or more orders of magnitude the speed)

Ship´s processing performance: 4,38x 10^34 Flops/s

Radar´s detection range: at least 180 AU of diameter, capable of detecting strike craft-size targets in extreme rage.

Crew: 4,38 Million

Autonomy: Undefined (possible decades at least)

All of this means 49 Military Power in game.

UNS Jordan (Stellaris Game Start Corvette) Vs Modern Earth.

Let’s imagine the UNS Jordan had to eliminate our Modern Earth (2020) as a threat, it is separated from the empire´s economy as soon as it arrived in system, without the gameplay constraints of the ship (locked in a single plane, having to bombard from above the poles etc), and the captain of the ship knows the full capabilities of his ship and is willing to do whatever he must.

If he didn´t finish his task in 10 years, the ship would be pulled back to their timeline and modern earth is considered victorious if it any nation manage to survive with its complete sovereignty after this time.

There is three main ways I could see it going, and others would be a mix of two or three of those.

1-War of Annulation

2- Subjugation by Violence.

3- Subjugation subversion

1-Scenario: If the UNS Jordan´s captain just want our Earth dead, he could turn the entirety of the surface of the planet into a molten hell, it would need around 249 Petatons of TNT in energy to melt the entire surface of Earth into glass, this is an average salvo of the UNS Jordan and even with the debuff for the lack of external energies and alloys, it kill every lifeform on or in the Earth.

2-Scenario: This is where the Earth would have the most advantages, this would be something akin to conventional warfare, with the captain trying to minimize the causalities on both sides, let´s say he could spare half of his crew to take arms from the ship´s arsenal and send they in boarding shuttles to conquer the planet below with the weapons in orbit to pin point enemy formations and strongholds.

2,19 million soldiers with presumably laser weaponry and light mechanized forces would be the best case scenario to the UNS Jordan´s forces, nothing much in the case of heavy weapons or ground based artillery, we could assume some kind of makeshift anti air defense with those lasers and anti-tank weaponry, but nothing much more, in most cases, they would be fighting in the terrain that they weren´t used to, relying on their ship for bombardments and we don´t know if the ship can replenish the soldier´s gears and equipment lost in the war, is probable it could but not in a rate that would be sufficient to sustain its forces because it wasn´t design to invade worlds, and any small production facilities in orbit would need to use planet-side resources because they don´t have access to none from outside, but, what it probably couldn´t replace it is loses, every lost soldier is gone and reinforcement aren´t coming, their army will be outnumbered and will also be outproduced, their weapons could be captured and used by the enemy, and because it is human tech, it would be relatively easier to do reverse engineering on those fancy new laser pointers.

If the war dragged on to become a war of attrition, the UNS Jordan´s ground forces would lose, but if they could strike fast enough and showing force, like by turning the Saara into a glass field or something akin to this, they may win the conflict.

3-Scenario: The more likely of those three in my opinion.

The captain could choose to open diplomatic talks with all or some chosen nations, it could offer some technologies that could advance this Earth a century or two, and because they aren´t some kind of strange species who we know nothing about, those on both sides are biologically and more important, psychologically humans, so, a peaceful integration to the UNE could happen in a few years.

It would be resistance, of course, some would point that this is a gift too great to be true, and today there is conspiracy theorist that claim to be working against a shadow global government that was trying turn the world into a unified government, those wouldn´t be happy with the unification and annexation by some outside power and many nations would hesitate in giving up their sovereignty just because it would made the local elites lose their power.

But, the probably greatest asset of this ship, the ship´s computer, is powerful enough that it could brute-force simulate enough human minds that it could actually predict the political movements with sufficient data, and aid the commander to outmaneuver the opposition in every way, if he want to go further, the computer could process the best way to convince every single individual, and it could literally befriend all the 7,6 billions of us and brute-force processing to manage hundreds of millions if not low billions convincing discord calls, phone chats etc, etc etc.

And the darkest option.

It could as well continue to be the best friend of everybody to a level that made every single human on this world emotionally dependent of it or the captain for a measure of control, it could make you thread to dark paths and make it look like was your own doing, to make you end your life and still would look like it was preventing you to do so, and it could do this simultaneously for every single human on this planet.

Most of the post is to realy show the power of a corvette in stellaris, if you see some error in the math, feel free to point it.

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