How the United Federations completely collapsed (AAR)

stellaris 3 - How the United Federations completely collapsed (AAR)

(Preamble: This took place during a campaign that started with 0 alien empires and had max hyperlanes (which gave me a lot of problems with pirates). The main mods that contributed here were Rogue colonies (which allows rogue colonies to spawn in far away uninhabited systems), and Human Fallen Empires.

So my latest campaign hasn't been going great.

We managed to end a pirate crisis by building star fortresses everywhere, and then things were good for a time. But then one of our major vassals declared independence, which wasn't great news.

So we went to war with them to get them back into the fold. Except, there was this faction called the internal development board, a pacifist faction, that had gotten a considerable amount of support. We were suppressing them while promoting the xenophobe faction, the other largest faction, and I guess that really pissed them off. But when we declared an offensive war against our former vassal, that really pissed them off. So we were winning our war, although billions of people were still dying in the process, and the internal development board decided that this was the perfect time to start a fu*king civil war. Of the colonies that rebelled were the Alpha Centauri system, one of the planets in the Trinity system (adjacent to alpha centauri) the Elysium system, which held Cornucopia, a 25 tile Gaia world that produced most of our energy, and, of course, Earth.

So my fleets and armies are off fighting this other war, and half of my most important worlds, including FU*KING EARTH have rebelled and started a civil war. Their fleets dwarf mine and I'm already reeling from losses in the war with the Columbian Federation (name of the former vassal). So, as Earth is the least defended of their worlds, I immediately take my fleets and head to the Sol system. We managed to retake earth (luckily Sol station was only a shipyard and not a heavily fortified bastion) but our economy has fallen through the floor. Just like during the pirate crisis before, we're bankrupt AGAIN.

So next we head to Alpha Centauri. At this point were desperately trading research agreements for money with the other human empires just to survive. Alpha Centauri and the Trinity System are retaken, but the colonies that are retaken suffer heavy collateral damage from orbital bombardment. Now here's where my stroke of luck comes in. The Elysium system is a dead end system, only one hyperlane in or out, and that lane leads right to my most defensible systems, the Fenrir system. Fenrir is a pulsar, which has a 100% shield nullification debuff. Because of that the Bastion in the Fenrir system was given defense platforms that had all armor, no shields, and plasma weapons, which are great for tearing through armor. Funnily enough, this one system that was meant to keep pirates out was keeping the rebels in. So, I took my fleet, which was suffering from the bankruptcy, and positioned them at Fenrir. I made one last trade deal with another empire to give us one last boost of cash, and we invaded the Elysium system. A close battle, but a success. The civil war was won but the cost was great. We had to declare status quo with the Columbian federation, taking about half their systems, and the damage to the colonies was immense. Buildings ruined, pops destroyed, and worst of all was the "Recently Conqured" -40% happiness debuff to all the colonies I retook, including Earth and Cornucopia. The wound was deep.

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But wait, it gets worse.

So, during the recovery period, things were actually looking up. The United Federations, fu*king somehow was greater than it ever had been. The fleets were at their largest and the territory at its greatest. The civil war was a setback but not a death sentence. We were ready to invade the New Catholic Republic, a splinter colony turned empire in the east. It would bring great wealth and power to the UF, securing us as the dominant force in the galaxy.

And then the plague came.

It wasn't so bad at first, mild sicknesses. But after years, the deaths began. In maybe fifteen years, thirty billion were dead. (Keep in mind in my head 2 pops=1 billion people). It made the civil war look like an awesome good time in comparison. But that wasn't all. In the east a leviathan called the berserker probe was cutting a path through human space, wiping out any human colony it could find. At our weakest we couldn’t defend against it, well I mean we couldn’t at our strongest either really, so the Trinity and Alpha Centauri systems were lost, its inhabitants converted into grotesque subservient husks. All the while the plague was killing people. You see the thing about the plague was that, you could cure it via research, but because of its very nature it became a downward spiral of collapse. No one was running the mines, or the power plants, or the laboratories, or the farms, because they were all dead. Our economy was well and truly fu*ked and we hadn't the means to research a cure because of that.

Then, one day, without warning, the berserker probe just kind of, stopped. No real reason, it just did. This seemed like a wonderful respite, maybe even hope, but it was short lived. When the terror in the east fell, the terror in the west came knocking. You see, centuries earlier, the Outer Arm Republic (another splinter colony) accidentally awakened some really powerful determined exterminators. Now we never really had a problem with them because they were far away. But now, just at this moment in time where we were on the brink of armageddon, they showed up on our doorstep and declared war. At the same time, we found out that, turns out, the plague is a zombie plague, and zombies began attacking all of the colonies. Now they were all heavily defended, so the zombies never won (okay well, most of the time they didn’t), but in the process buildings would get destroyed, damaging the economy even further. At this point, all of our starbases were decommissioned and dismantled. All except for one: Sol Station (now named Gaia station). The Sustained Eradication Initiative had fleets with a power of 20k or more, but Gaia Station had a power of 60k at its height. You see at this point all of the colonies were evacuated back to earth, and the fleets had been disbanded, so we were actually able to maintain this colossal station, the last shield of earth and its government.

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However, while Gaia station prevented the SEI from entering Sol, it didn't prevent them from destroying the stations in all the surrounding systems. It would be only a matter of time before we were unable to maintain it. So we began developing plan b: operation exodus. It was only a matter of time before Earth fell, so it was decided we had to leave. Keep in mind, only the South of the Galaxy had been explored and colonized, the North was still untouched. And so, Earth was evacuated. At its peak, the United Federations had 82 billion within its borders. At the time of Exodus, it had 3 billion. 79 billion dead, but still humanity would live on. And so began the great journey north to a new uninhabited world that was discovered during the northern expedition centuries earlier. When it was found originally it was dubbed Palalil IVa.

Now it will be known as Nova Terra.

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