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stellaris 6 - How to 2.2

Since I've cracked this now after a couple playthroughs let me teach you how to 2.2, as Stellaris is VERY DIFFERENT now.

First of all, if you're new to 2.2, you've probably noticed that all your planets are Rural Worlds. This is the first clue that you're doing something wrong. In 2.2, it pays to specialize your planets.

If one planet has a food bonus and lots of food slots, grow all your empire's food on that one planet. Specializing in food on that planet makes it an "agri-world" with a +5% bonus to food production, and you can build the high power +25% food bonus building there. The only buildings other than agriculture districts and hydroponic farms you should build on your Agri World. Only grow food on your agri worlds, and only employ pops to grow food as needed. If you have a positive food balance, move any new unemployed pops on your agri world somewhere else, don't needlessly expand your food supply. If you are running low on food and have maxed out your agri-world, time to colonize a new agri-world!

Same with mineral rich planets with lots of mining district slots, make them mining worlds with the +25% mining building. Energy rich planets make them Generator Worlds.


Now, what do you do with the planets that have plenty of room but don't have very many resource district slots? These are your Urban worlds! Build all your alloy forges on the same planet, again +5% bonus as it is becomes a Forge World. Build a production ministry for an extra +15%. Have all your consumer goods made on another planet with another production ministry. On your urban worlds, build no resource districts! Build ONLY CITY DISTRICTS and only as needed. Turn them into an Ecumenopolis when you can. Make one of your planets all research labs, 100% research. You should have planets with only levelled up research labs and factories.

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The important factor is DO NOT OVERBUILD. Only build one or two jobs more than your populace, having one or two pops temporarily unemployed is ok.

If you have a planet with so many available slots that you can max out two things like energy and mining districts, it's worth it losing the 5% and down to a 2% bonus and just building both mining and energy districts with the +25% building for both. Always use levelled up buildings! This will require lots of rare elements but you can build these in the extra slots on your energy and mineral worlds. Agri worlds you can build a few city districts and get a larger population and fill it up with hydroponic farms. Don't be afraid to build a holo temple to keep amenities high on your resource worlds.

Every world in your empire should be hyper-specializing in something! Your resource planets every worker should be getting at least a 27% bonus to their work from planet specialization bonus and the production bonus building.

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