How to beat Grand Admiral AI as Determined Exterminators without rushing them?

stellaris 4 - How to beat Grand Admiral AI as Determined Exterminators without rushing them?

Topic question.

I like Determined Exterminators because I love machine empires and the whole reason I play this game is because I get to play a machine empire.

I like Determined Exterminators because I want to play as the robots from the Matrix's second renaissance.

So not being a Determined Exterminator is out of the question. I am playing Determined Exterminators.


I like to turtle. I'm a turtler. It's who I am. I wanna grab some land and then just sit there building a ultra fleet, and once the crisis hits, I wanna kill the crisis and then take my titan and kill every planet in the galaxy.

I don't want to rush. It's not who I am.


Ok, so now that you know that you can't persuade me from playing Determined Exterminators and you can't persuade me to rush, lets get down to it. How to win?

Map size: Tiny – because the endgame purge is a metric pain in the ass if the map is huge.

1 of each of everything. 1 FE, 1 marauder, etc. etc.

Max AI. So the map is cramped.

My traits are +5% resources, that +amenities trait, luxurious, high bandwidth, and mass production.

My civics are rapid replicator and Determined Exterminators with Maintenance Protocals afterwards.


Bit about me, I beat Grand Admiral before the pop changes so I'm not completely new to the game. It was before alloys. Pausing your economy growth briefly to building a 50 torpedo corvette fleet was so easy. Nowdays you gotta split your minerals into minerals (economy) and alloys (warfare) so you can't go all in on eco and then switch to war. In addition because of the Sprawl you can't grab every planet you can. I don't know how many planets I should develop at once. But then i realized, I don't have to. Game's been out forever, I'm sure some power gamers here can tell me the optimal stuff.


Ok so I got a few games until like year 70 so I'm familiar with the basics.

Alright, so how to win?

What is the optimal Alloy to Research ratio? Like 100% of your building slots, after basics, is gonna be either alloy, strategic resource refineries, or research. If I go all alloy then my research isn't gonna go anywhere. If I go all research then I'll get capped at the start. I'm DE so everyone's out for my robotic blood.

It'd be nice if you guys could give me how much my alloy income should be at each part of the game so if I hit that threshold I know to switch to building research buildings.

Could be number of building ratio instead if that's easier. So like for every 3 alloy buildings _ research building. Or by year 30 you should have 4 alloy buildings and 1 research building.

Or something like that.

Right now I go Expansion first, every planet i colonize I resttle 2 pops to get machine assembly plant up immediately. In one attempt I tried resettling 7 pops so I could get an uplink node up so I can colonize more than 2 planets at once but it didn't end well.


Origin: Propserous Union or Resource Consolidation. Can't do voidborne cause I'm DE. Ring World… I don't like the roleplay. I'm Matrix robots. I emerged from mother ****ing humans after capping every last one of these mother ****ers, with my own ability, and I'm gonna climb my way to the top with pure skill. Ring World be like…. you won the lottery and you start with a huge inheritance from super powerful things! You only won because you got it handed to you. Or something like that. I hate that.

OK. So… HOW TO WIN? And be details.

If grand admiral is too difficult, scaling AI is fine. But only if you admit that you're not good enough to beat grand admiral without it with my restrictions.

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