How to keep track of everything?

stellaris 3 - How to keep track of everything?

Hello! I just got and started playing Stellaris. I made sure to watch guides of everything as well. The problem that I'm having is that although every system in isolation seems simple enough, when put together I have a really hard time keeping up.

One of the biggest problems I have is with the 'story'/exploration. Every time something comes up about them it's something like "Wijfhdjs on system Eheishs has found X." I'm not keeping track of every scientist's name or where they are so really it means nothing. As a result I really have no idea about what the hell I'm doing.

I know I'm doing the right thing because I look at the modifiers in the choices and choose based on that, but I feel like I don't really grasp what's going on with my empire and don't have a mental map of where everything is happening. I feel like I'm missing out on the stories and 'mental roleplay' that I normally engage in in games like Civ, Total War, etc.

And it's not only with roleplay, but also just normal gameplay. One time and who knows why, some popup showed up which apparently added the Gaia world modifier to one of my settled planets. I was excited cause that's great, so then I go and see and nothing… It's just the same old planet. IDK what caused the popup, IDK if it glitched out, IDK what to do about the fact that it said it did something but nothing happened, if I'm supposed to do something for it to come into effect, etc. It's a very unsatisfying experience because it feels like random things just happen all game long and I'm just sitting there clicking 'Option 1/2' and saying to myself "I guess I have 5% extra fire rate now? …Thanks game?"


It's also annoying for things like having to scan surfaces cause then I have to click the option to start that 'quest' then press F2, find the name of the thing in the list, zoom out, then continuously press track and stop tracking to see if I can spot on the map where something just moved, so I can then tell the guy to go do it. I know I can also press 'Go to' but that just zooms me all the way in and that's annoying cause IDK where on the map that system is and now I gotta zoom out a bit to find the scientist within the system and make him do the thing, then go back into the map not really knowing where I just did what I did. It's just not a great experience overall.

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Because it's all so disconnected the entire thing feels like I'm playing while continuously popup ads which take me out of the game for a couple of seconds.

How do you guys keep track of and deal with all this stuff? I kinda like Stellaris but it's really putting me off that every game feels exactly the same because there's no feeling of cause and effect. Someone somewhere always does something and I get a bonus out of it.

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