How to set yourself up with an L-cluster start

stellaris 1 - How to set yourself up with an L-cluster start

Lenzo has explained before here how you can "start" in the L-cluster if you wait for it to spawn. But, what if you don't want to wait?

  1. Start your new game normally, with the empire you want.
  2. Type "event distar.10951" (no quotes) into the console. This will spawn an empty L-cluster.
  3. Type "observe" This will allow you to view the systems in the L-cluster.
  4. Go into the L-cluster and change at least one of shattered, broken or nanite worlds into a planet of your species's preferred type. I personally tend to switch all the nanite worlds over to my preference, to simulate the process of invading the Dessanu Consonance and terraforming all their nanite worlds.
  5. To do this, just click on whatever planets you want to switch and type (for continental, for example) "planet_class pc_continental" A list of planet class console commands can be found here. I recommend making the planet you want to make your capitol into a Gaia world, simply because it'll have a habitability rating of 80% if you just make it your preference.
  6. Add deposits and unique resources to the planets by typing "effect reset_planet = yes" while having clicked on each one.
  7. Type "debugtooltip," then hover over the planet you want to make your capitol to see the planet ID.
  8. Type "play 0" to switch back to your empire.
  9. Type "own ". For example "own 6065". This will give you the planet as a colony.
  10. Click on your L-cluster capitol planet and copy and paste this script (again, thanks to Lenzo). Ctrl+v works to paste in the console, don't type this out like a fool.

effect add_district = district_city add_district = district_city add_district = district_city add_district = district_farming add_district = district_farming add_district = district_mining add_district = district_mining add_district = district_generator add_district = district_generator add_building = building_capital add_building = building_research_lab_1 add_building = building_foundry_1 add_building = building_factory_1

  1. Type "energy" to give yourself some energy to move your pops over to the new capitol. If you want to not be a cheater, you can bring yourself back down to the starting amount of 100 later. Move all your pops over, ignoring the warnings about ruined buildings.

  2. Let time go forward two days.

  3. Dismantle your starbase, fleets, mining stations, etc. in your old home system.

  4. Wait one month, and you'll be automatically granted an outpost in your new capitol system.

That's it! You now have a start in the L-cluster.

Some known issues that you just have to deal with, but if anyone has any suggestions to avoid these issues (particularly the last two) let me know:

  • Your new system will not have the same wealth as a usual home system. You can add deposits to planets in your home system with the console or just live with being poor for the very beginning of the game.
  • You're not going to have diplomacy with other empires until you open up your L-Gate. You're probably SOL for getting the Galactic Market in your home system, and factions may be angry at you for not having rivalries if you're a militarist empire. If you're feeling lonely, you'll just have to cry into your piles of energy credits that you're rolling around in without having to worry about fleet upkeep.
  • I don't know of a way to activate the L-Gate out of your system without spawning what's supposed to be in the L-cluster. In my last playthrough, I got the Grey Tempest, so I just manually grabbed and deleted each of its fleets by using the "own" command in the console. Something like the Dessanu Consonance might cause more issues for your playthrough though.
  • The Precursor event chain gets all kinds of messed up by this. For one, you probably won't find any Precursor anomalies, as they're all set to be around your old starting capitol. But I found that even using the console to spam the event that lets you buy Precursor artifacts from a collector, the Precursor home system doesn't spawn properly. But you know what, you have a system protected from the horrors of the galaxy for the start of the game. You can live without your free ecumenopolis.

Let me know if you have a better way of doing any of these steps! And remember: be the endgame crisis you want to see in the world.

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