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Hi guys, I’ve had Stellaris for years and it’s that one game I always absolutely LOVE the idea of playing, but then I get on, I design myself a new empire, I love it, I design my game, I usually go for the 600 or 800 stars and around 8-14 AI empires, and I load in.

The first few decades are always so fun, exploring, discovering anomalies, just you chilling, exploring, navigating some of the most well written events in Paradox in my opinion (coming from someone with 2000hrs in EUIV lol). But then things seem to dwindle. You meet other empires, I usually play xenophobes because of course I do, so we hate each other, you try and control those bottleneck systems. You realise you haven’t even built your fourth fucking corvette yet so you suddenly jump on ship designer, make a few and start pumping up to your fleet limit.

But after this phase it really seems to drag. I don’t know what it is but everything seems to become a slog. Firstly, the game starts physically running very slowly. I don’t know if I’ve got completely the wrong end of the stick with this, but I’ve heard it’s one of the worst optimised Paradox games, with all the pops it has to keep track of etc. My computer is pretty powerful, but even so 3 speed mid game is like 2 speed at game start it seems. Combine this with how long it takes ships to get anywhere and the game really slows down.


Even in wartime, the fleets take ages to get anywhere, and this kind of detracts from any sense of urgency. This is made up for by the spectacular light show when you obliterate that enemy contingent, but that’s a comparatively tiny amount of the time. But even with the effort required to be successful at war often seeming to outweigh the satisfaction gleaned from taking like 13 okay systems and 3 shitty fucking alpine worlds I can’t even inhabit, but I can’t remove the pops because “stellar culture shock”, war is still the far more stimulating time, because once you’ve reached the empires which border you and you’ve got no more exploring left to do, there really is nothing to do in peacetime other than sit and watch your pops grow until you can build another building.

I find myself invading pre-space age planets just for something to do, if I have any. Oh, and constantly sell all my resources on the galactic market in a desperate attempt to keep up with the demand for consumer goods. At this point my game has kinda slowed down so much I just drift away from it. I’ve never created a world cracker, I’ve never seen a war in heaven, I’ve never even gotten to a mid game crisis.

I realise this is a really long post but I really want to enjoy this game and play it the full way through, and I’m really hoping there’s something I’m doing drastically wrong that someone can point out and I’ll love it as much as some of the other people here. If anyone has any advice, observations, or anything else they wanna say please lmk.

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