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Current State of Stellaris's Ground Forces

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Ground Battles

Right now, ground forces in Stellaris are a minor, but poorly implemented feature into the game. They really only serve one purpose, Invade, once a planet has been obliterated by orbital bombardment. Then once colossi have been built, they usually only sit in orbit over a planet, never to be used again.

Other Implementations of Invasion Forces

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Endless Space II's ground invasion screen

In my opinion, Paradox or even the mod community should not look to design a whole new system, but should look at how other games have set up their ground forces. Space Combat is phenomenal. Sure it is played out for the player who has no control over the individual ships or the fleets other than ordering which fleet to engage which fleet, but there is an entertainment factor of watching fleets engage each other. This is lacking in ground forces. Just following Endless Space II's footsteps would add a whole level of immersion to ground attacks that has been lacking. However, this can be taken a step further by implementing a whole system of mechanics associated with it.

So Yesterday on the spot I came up with a "fix for it." I want to express this concept, and then hear your takes. What would you do to fix Stellaris's Ground Combat (Other than remove it)

My Fix:

  • Remove Invasion Fleets – Replace them with 3 ship modules that can be upgraded over time.
  1. Infantry Module – Provide the Gruntwork, the most basic attack units. When properly supported would be formidable on the battlefield. OR if left alone would have Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard levels of casualties (Stalingrad IRL)
  2. Armor Module – Grouped Tanks, SPG (Self Propelled Guns), and IFVs (Infantry Fighting Vehicles) This group provides the ground support to the Infantry. With a primary task of taking down defenses.
  3. Air Support Module – Made for softening up defenses and protecting units from air attack.

*The number of how many of each category would depend on each nations Ethics. Militarist Nations would have balanced numbers to get the best protection and deal the most damage. For Example: 3 Infantry, 2 Tanks, 1 Air Support would give a +25% to defense and attack. Or an exterminator race with extreme xenophobe would have 5 Infantry, 2 Tanks, and no Air Support, (Why? Because they want to make sure they get everyone, and collateral is of no concern to them).

  • Recruitment – Recruitment would now be directly tied to your primary populations overall happiness. Which would become extremely important during a war.
    • A Loss with little to no casualties would result in a – 5% pop happiness and recruitment modifier
    • A Loss with moderate casualties would result in a -10% pop happiness and recruitment modifier
    • A Loss with massive casualties (Stalingrad) would result in a -15% pop happiness and recruitment modifier
    • A Loss of Planet would result in a -20% pop happiness and recruitment modifier
    • A Victory with little to no casualties would result in a +25% pop happiness and recruitment modifier
    • A Victory with moderate casualties would result in a +10% pop happiness and recruitment modifier
    • A Victory with massive casualties (Stalingrad) would result in a +5% pop happiness and recruitment modifier
    • A Conquest of Planet would result in a +20% pop happiness and recruitment modifier and boost the conquered systems growth

*The idea behind this is that for a loss the population goes into morning the dead and for a victory becomes elated. These would change per governing ethics. Exterminator Pops would not care at all. Pacifist Pops would also care about the amount of dmg caused. Honorable Militarists would follow the outline above, Despot Militarists might have other values flipped.

  • Add 2 new policies
    • Peacetime Recruitment
      • Option 1: 2 Year Mandatory Service – All eligible pops must serve minimum of 2 years – 0% to recruitment -1% to happiness – 0% to combat power. Every two years (total pops/100) become soldiers, making them only eligible for soldier jobs.
      • Option 2: Warrior Caste – Only populations from our warrior castes may serve – 15% to recruitment + 20% to combat power (Only eligible for soldier jobs)
      • Option 3: Volunteers – Only a volunteer force +5% to happiness – 20% to recruitment
    • Wartime Recruitment
      • Option 1: Conscription – Literally converts whole pops to replace lost combat power (1 pop = 100 combat power) – 40% to pop happiness if conscription begins (Players have to choose to initiate the conscription)
      • Option 2: Volunteers – Defensive wars +20% to recruitment (gets rid of the negative to recruitment) Offensive -5% to recruitment
  • Add new resource – Recruits
    • Needed to fill fleets and lander modules
    • Shows how many men were lost in a combat action
    • Directly influences the happiness based on how many were lost at a given time
    • Costs food to develop
  • Armageddon!
    • Adds a new Armageddon modifier. The Modifier or clock starts at 0 each use of the colossus would add a +1 until the clock reaches (Galaxy Size/25) Once reached, if your population has free will or influence in matters of state, it will trigger massive unhappiness and random 1 system revolts until the colossus is dismantled
  • Battle Screen where you can actually see an animation of your ground forces doing battle. (Think Endless Space 2 for an example)
  • Balance, everything in the game is about balance. Balancing your resources, populations, armies, stations, even planets.

TLDR: How would you fix ground forces? I think invasion fleets should be removed and replaced with a lander ship module. A Recruit recourse added that is affected by population happiness, recruitment policies, ethics, and food production (soldier's gots to eat) . Make a need to use ground forces other than just the colossus (Xenophobes might be exempt or have a greater Armageddon threshold. Lets hear your thoughts and fixes.

edit1: Wrong picture (Used a picture of a fleet instead of a ground forces layout.)

edit2: Completely forgot to mention a battle screen.

Rule5: Screen shots are used as examples to illustrate my points.

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