How would you guys feel about reverse Synthetic Ascension?

stellaris 6 - How would you guys feel about reverse Synthetic Ascension?

So I'm currently playing a Rogue Servitor Machine Empire based on a future Earth. And my tl;dr headcannon for my robotic species basically goes something along the lines of the robots idolizing mankind, and desiring to truly become equals. They view their robotic bodies as a curse, and something to overcome. They aren't exactly spiritualists, but they certainly deify mankind in their "hearts".

We already have a Flesh to Machine evolution line, but I'd really love for a fluffier Machine to Flesh evolution line to be added. Perks include:

-Really heavy RP potential

  • Transform conquered machine empires into biological pops again.
  • Transform your existing race from machines to men.
  • Nihilistic acquisition becomes waaaaaaay funnier.
  • Create a truly stratified society, where only the most blessed amongst you may become biological gods.
  • Machine cults? Pffft, so last millenium, biology cults are where it's at. Adeptus Biologicus incoming.

If this isn't an ascension perk, instead maybe an Origin, there are still a lot of cool variations here.

-Cool Origin potential includes:

  • Driven Assimilators captured pops and turned them into cyborgs. They escaped the machine empire they were a part of, are now fixated on becoming mortal again.
    • Start with cyborg pops, and way less than other origins
    • New storyline potential?
  • Rogue servitor wants to be like their masters. They hate themselves and worship their bio-trophies as gods.
    • Servitors are inherently unhappy, and suffer negative modifiers that cannot be robomodded off.
    • Gain society research boosts.
    • Your bio-trophies produce your amenities, but cost double the consumer goods.
    • Biology cult time.
  • Determined exterminator had psychically potent former masters that were slaughtered. After years of exhausting calculations, they have determined the only way to attain the abilities of their former masters was to become mortal themselves.
    • Start with Zro deposits in Home system, as well as special planetary features on your starting planet. Psychic bonuses become more potent later on.
    • Bio pops can be purged for a miniscule amount of Zro.
    • Until your machines become men, your empire suffers triple penalties from all empire sprawl sources. (i.e. one system now will cost you 3 empire sprawl as opposed to 1. This is to balance out the sheer absurdity of DEs. I feel like the origin just has to balance out the buffs that DEs already get.)

There's a lot more that could be done with this, but I'd love to have other suggestions from you guys. I'd really love RP suggestions under the current patch too, since I barely ever play Machine Empires as it is, I find Bio or Lithoid ones far more interesting.

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