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stellaris 2 - Human Empire Templates

I don't usually like playing as humans, but I love having humans around on the map, and I usually make custom empires around alternate history (wanks) or fantasy. What human societies, including ones you play as, do you have a story for?

Some I use in my games:

  • Tianguo (spir, pac, phobe), a celestial empire where a powerful beaurocratic empire's apparent success lead to their global moralistic philosophy of honor (xenophobic isolationists)

  • Dar al Islam (spir, mil, phile), a martial holy order that usurped the corrupted sultans of the industrial age to lead the supposed children of the galaxy along a more pious path (evangelizing zealots)

  • Christendom (spir, egal, pac), headed by the mighty Pope, is guided humbly by a man they call Christ into the void as the supposed children of heaven (spiritual seekers)

  • Pribira Samrajya (fan auth, phile), maritime dynasties supplanted their world on the foundation of a vast global slave trade leading to their fertile subcontinent (despotic hegemony)

  • Greater Reich (auth, mil, phobe), enslaved and murdered their world after a tragic war, under the pretext of their believed racial superiority. They look to the stars with an ever-thirsty war machine (slaving despots)

  • Internationale (fan egal, mil) killed their kings, their dictators. A swarm of individualism buzzes from their homeworld, threatening an untimely end for the despots of the galaxy in full revolution (democratic crusaders)

  • House of Mouse (fanatic spir, egal), branded "Disney", secured influence great enough to end the reign of their homeworld's major religions through marketable entertainment during an age of thought control. Following no discernable moral priciple, they should be approached with caution (subversive cult)

  • Union of Earth (fan phobe, mil) like a phoenix crawled from the ashes of a turbulent period of alien subjugation. An imposing galaxy awaits these new primates, one they wish to pacify as quickly as possible through the chants of a very angry tribe (purity assembly)

  • Soviet Union (mil, ega, mat) is an empire of hypocracy. A self proclaimed liberator of freedom, with a vast police network to enforce it as harsh as necessary. No lineage or money will win you power here, only faith in the Party (hegemonic imperialists)

  • Starline (auth, mil, phobe) is a secretive network of vile drug and slave runners. Untouchable by their local governments, they prey on the weak. Through kidnapping, bullying, and coersion, they collect unwilling participants and sell them into a life of misery, both there, and now beyond (criminal syndicate)

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