Hunters Crisis

stellaris 4 - Hunters Crisis

So I've been thinking about all the crises being focused on the military and battlefieds and somehow created ''my own'' Crisis idea about the Hunters.

I am sure most of you have seen the event where the Prethoryn Queen gets nervous and and a small Galaxy dissapears. This Crisis happens after Prethoryns are defeated. (obviously)

For this Crisis to trigger you have to tame the Queen. The Crisis does not trigger if AI gets the Queen.

After 50 years being with you, the Queen is going to reveal their past. And the event is going to trigger which makes her nervous and about that lost galaxy. She is than going to reveal why the Swarm came to this galaxy. It was not about eating and getting fuel this time. The Swarm found out that there is a L-Gate that reaches to another Galaxy. To a Galaxy where a civilization survived the Hunters. They wanted to reach that Galaxy and find out how they defeated the Hunters. Our Galaxy supposed to be the last pray for them and maybe their new home. She is going to offer you her peaceful cooperation if she was allowed to raise her race from their ashes on a planet of your own.

If you accept a populated and probably core planet of yours becomes a Prethoryn planet which allows you to recruit their ships and queens. She than gives you the location of that L-Gate and warns you for the last time about the Hunters. From that point if you zoom out on the Galaxy Map you can see the arms of the Hunter slowly reaching to your galaxy every 10 years. (Hunter is a Galaxy Eater and thus far bigger than galaxies) You have to open that L-Gate and go to small part of that other galaxy.

If you refuse you kill her and get extra buffs but you have to find out where the L-Gate is yourself.

No matter what, it is now a race against time. When you reach that Galaxy (only small part of it) there you meet three Fallen Empires. You might become their end game crisis to get the knowledge. Or you might get it through diplomacy. These Empires are pretty rich. So you might want to get the knowledge and the reasources through many years of wars. Or you might get it through diplomacy, probably supporting one of them against the other two and making it the real powerhouse in that galaxy. It might become your vassal btw. There is a chance for it.


When you have the knowledge you have to research that tech. It is a massive gun which has to be built at the core of the Galaxy. It gets its power from the core. A gun that can kill a creature that big is of course not fast to build. We are only going to be able to see the tipp of the gun in a system. (For reasons)

While all of this are happening. The Arms of the Creature gets closer every ten years. When it reaches the Galaxy first the Outer Rim Planets get killed. Now here is the thing, more populated planets means that the creature gets slowed down while eating them. You might sacrifice your pops to save enough time. Of course there are also going to be minions of the Hunter which are going to attack your planets by themselves to prepare them for the great Hunter. Which makes the Hunter faster at eating that planet.

If the Gun is finished and fired, it might result the whole civilizations getting destroyed because of the massive energy wave which ends the game with you sacrificing the whole galaxy to save the others.

It might cause for core planets to get destroyed becoming tomb worlds and all civilizations loosing their contact with their colonies which means them becoming independet. Which gives''Reunification Casus Belli'' to every nation against their former colonies. The Colonies get this casus belli also. Which ends up with chaos in the galaxy and a new start. This might also end up with loosing some tech for some empires and colonies. If a Empire (Player too) has its capital in the Core Rim and loses it due to crisis it gets another core planet as capital (if avaible if not a colony) of the former Empire. This also results in this Empire loosing 75%of its tech.

This Crisis and aftermath of this can be made more playable with an Expansion Pack.

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