I am sad and I want to share

stellaris 2 - I am sad and I want to share

in time, you will know the tragic extent of my failings This is going to be a long post, tldr at the bottom

A few days ago I decided to return to stellaris after months of not playing and go after the crisis at 25x, because reasons

what could go wrong

. I have fought it once, with a friend in a glorious multiplayer run, so I know what to expect, and still, since I hate myself I like challenges I decided try something spicy: enter my voidborne xnophile (I know, I know) spiritualist megachurch trade league, very fun gameplay, strugged with influence for a while (as it was necessary for sistems, planets, claims, habitat and branches) nut enjoyed the game a lot. didn't snowball a lot tho, when war in heaven fired I was not elected leader of the non aligned powers and lost al the trade leader benefits and I ragequitted

Try number 2: or how the worm loves me. For my second run I decided to change some things, and so I went a tomb world xenophile megacorp (yeah I know, but I am one fo those heretics who doesn't like to kill xenos ok?), planning to embrace the love of the worm and not pick the defenders of the galaxy ascienscion perk bcs what am I, a noob that needs cheats do defeat the crisis? yes , but since I left the planets settings to 0,25x from the previous game I had a very rough start expansion wise. also I might have been in a small scale galaxy with 11 (I think) custom made empire that were built at the best of my (and my friend) theorycrafting, so I was stuck between a purifier and a hive mind, with zero colonizable planets, until the love of the worm supplied me with a few new homes in my starting sistem, so started my federation, killed the purifiers, messed around with international law, killed a few leviathans, opened the L-gate to find only L-drakes in it, witnessed the khan dying of space siphilis or something two years after his spawn, went to fight Fallen empire at the start of the late game (did I mention that I setted the late game to start 50 years before the normal year? because I did), and realized that my fleet was in no shape to fight a crisis, I had one of the strongest fleets in the galaxy, but still not enough for what I have seen that time. I started building starbases and fleets like crazy. Then it happened: the Unbidden appeared, five sistem away from both my starting planets and my L-gate. I had a few hundred thowsand fleet power with all my fleets united, they spawned with a 8 milion fleet power fleet and two 3 milion fleets. I converted half of the fleet and fought them near the L-gate, hoping with no success to bait them into a no-shield sistem, managed to kill a fleet that had "only" 800k fleet power before getting completely wiped out.


And so my try number 3 started, still in a small galaxy with custom advanced Ai, still 25x crisy (but setting the endgame to start only 25 years before, this time no megacorp, still a tombworld trade league, but as a egalitarian empire with meritocracy and trade guild civics, this run went very well, got a lot free space to expand in peace, egalitarian friends everywhere to help me kill the few genocidicals empire (on a sidenote, is only in my games that driven assimilators empires snowball a lot?), made a big trade league, praised the worm, killed a few empires, killed a few leviathans, killed a few nanites, didn't kill the khan because he never spawned, I guess he died of something before uniting the tribes, killed a few more empires, started messing around with fallen empire, killed machine rebellions, discovered that awakened empires build megastructures, who knew? added fallen empire megastructures to my collection, became the senate. and recruited fleets, a lot of them. I went over my starbase limit to increase my titan limit (and to raise stability in planets), discovered that fortress world actually increase your naval force limit a lot, very cool. when I stopped recruiting and started only building gateway to reach the crisis faster I had something around two milions fleet power without edicts,not quite enough to kill all the crisis fleet combined, but enough to take my chances once I adapt my ships to fight whichever spawns. so I parked my fleet at terminal egress, and waited. and waited. and waited.

and then the victory screen popped up

The crisis never showed up. Victory never tasted so bitter.

Tldr: dedided to against 25x crisis. ragequitted at war in heaven at first try, got my ass whooped by unbidden at second try and got stood up in my third try. me sad. friend suggest I post it on reddit.

also idk if flair is correct, sorry if it isn't

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