I beat Nonscaling Grand Admiral with almost single system Determined Exterminators

stellaris 6 - I beat Nonscaling Grand Admiral with almost single system Determined Exterminators

Lot of people say the only way you can beat Nonscaling Grand Admiral with Determined Exterminators is by rushing. And I just proved them all wrong! With almost single system no less!

What's almost single system? It's exactly what it says on the tin. It's not a single system, but very close to it.

Ok so this is what I did.


Civics: Determined Exterminators, Maintenance ProtocalsTraits: Efficient Processors, Emotion Emulators, Mass-Produced, Luxurious, High-BandwidthOrigin: Prosperous Union

Expansion – Get the +pop growth speed and switch to Supremacy
Supremacy – Defense Platforms first, then ships.
Expansion again

Ascension Perks
Technological Ascendency
Synthetic Age – Mod your pops so they get +20% to energy and minerals.
Master Builders – So you can build 3 mega structures simultaneously.
Galactic Wonders – Most powerful mega structures are here
Colossus Project – So you don't have to worry about armies or bombardment
Galactic Force Projection – +20 Fleet cap
Defenders of the Galaxy – AI is a joke, Crisis might not be.

Map was tiny galaxy with 6 Grand Admiral AI and 1 fallen empire and marauder empire. 1x crisis strength.


Build Order/Strategy


  1. Grab 2 nearby systems so you can get 3 Star Holds to drastically boost the chance of getting the Habitat Tech.
  2. I had 2 science ships search for 2-3 colonizable planets. Once they did and surveyed the systems, one of them returned to assist research.
  3. I built a starbase over them and colonized all of them. I did NOT make a chain of starbases towards them. No. I just built the one starbase in the system directly at high influence cost.
  4. Immediately after they finished colonizing I resettled all the pops back to the capitol and started colonizing again.
  5. Once I hit 80 pops on my capital I abandoned and dismantled all of my starbases over the colonized worlds. My total system count is now just the 3. My starting system and 2 nearby systems.


  1. I only had 2 alloy plants at the start. The rest was all research labs.
  2. Almost all of my building slots were research labs. I didn't even build an energy nexus or a mineral purification plant until I absolutely needed the energy and minerals.
  3. Over the course of the game I had 3 nexus districts, 3 mining districts, and the rest was energy districts.
  4. I built exotic gas refineries until I was at +0 minerals and then upgraded all of my research labs until I ran out of exotic gas. Then I just waited for the habitat tech.
  5. Once the mega alloy researches were done I replaced one of my alloy plants with a chemical plant, and then upgraded the other to the max.
  6. Before I hit 80 pops 100% of my alloys went to colony ships. Once I hit 80 pops 100% of my alloys went towards upgrading my starbase and building defense platforms. Defense Platforms were Large weapon slots, one Kinetic one Laser. Later I also built 8 cruisers, no corvettes. I would've built more cruisers but I got habitat tech by that time so I couldn't afford more cruisers.
  7. Because I only had the one heavily fortified system, no AI declared war on me. Hell it wasn't until like year 70 before any of the AIs actually reached my border and there was border friction. So basically, I survived the hardest part of the game when the AI is at its strongest by simply not existing outside my one system.
  8. Once I got habitat tech I built 9 habitats in my system. 8 habitats were pure reactor, 1 habitat was mineral. Mineral habitat was built last.
  9. As soon as I got habitat tech I downgraded all of my research labs and replaced all of my exotic gas refineries with normal research labs because I'm gonna need my mineral income now to develop the habitats.
  10. As my 8 reactor habitats came online I replaced all of my energy districts in my capital with mineral districts and Nexus districts.
  11. Once I got all 9 habitats built I started upgrading them all one by one to Habitat World.
  12. Around this time 2 AIs declared war on me and took my 2 systems, but they did not attack my starting system because it was heavily fortified with cruiser support.
  13. Once my 8 reactor habitat WORLDS reached maturity I moved all my non-research buildings to them, built exotic gas refineries on them, and then upgraded all of my research labs on my capital to max. I had 68 researchers. I also got the rockbreakers civic because minerals is the bottleneck.
    Reactor Habitat Worlds:
    2 Habitation districts
    6 Reactor Districts
    5 Drone Cages
    3 Strategic Resource Refineries
    2 fully upgraded Alloy Plants
    1 Energy Nexus
    1 Machine Assembly Plant
    Mining Habitat World:
    0 Habitation Districts
    8 Astro Mining Districts
    4 Upgraded drone cages
    2 Drone Cages
    1 Machine Assembly Plant
    1 Mineral Purification Plant.
  14. Once I got all 9 habitats maxed out. I had 32 battleships with Giga Cannons and Proton Torpedoes. I declared war on my neighbor and took about 7 systems.
  15. I used the megastructure Edict liberally to build 3 megastructures simultaneously.
  16. I built the Mega Shipyard first, then the Matter Decompressor, Ring World, and Dyson Sphere simultaneously (Dyson Sphere had a 48month delay due to research). Then a second Ring World, Science Nexus, Sentry Array, and Strategic Coordinator. And then finally Mega Art Installtion.
  17. Important to note that I did NOT build the Mega Assembly Complex until after I built the Matter Decompressor because I couldn't afford the synthetic crystal plants' mineral upkeep. That mineral had to go to alloy production. But once the Matter Decompressor came online I had all the minerals in the world so I built Synthetic Crystal Plants and upgraded 100% of my Machine Assembly Plants to Mega Assembly Complexes.
  18. Once my two Ring Worlds came online, turning my massive mineral income into alloys, I built a ton of battleships, refitted them to full penetration as I had a lot of repeatable techs done by this time, and then I attacked my neighbor for 20+ systems for anchorages and naval logistic offices.
  19. Endgame crisis (Unbidden) hit, they just kinda killed themselves without me doing anything. Didn't matter my mega fleet just cleaned up the whole map and my colossus killed every planet and that was it. I won.


Alright so there you have it.

There is a benefit to (almost) single system which is not getting attacked by the AI until year 70.

Determined Exterminators CAN beat nonscaling Grand Admiral AI without rushing them and instead just tech rushing.

If you think you can make this better then by all means share. I'm all ears.

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