I dont get the role of certain weapons

stellaris 8 - I dont get the role of certain weapons

For example, missiles/torps. They have very low DPS. Sure, they ignore shields, but 50% anti-shield and 50% anti-armor weapons still kills stuff faster, especially since guns and lasers cant be intercepted.

A cruiser has 1800 hull, and up to 2920 shields with t5 shields. Let's assume it gets shot at by 1x large kinetic artillery and 1x large neutron launcher from an enemy cruiser :

  • Large kinetic artillery (roughly 45 dps base) : 90 DPS vs shields, 22.5 vs armor, 56 vs hull

  • Large neutron launcher (roughly 42 dps base) : 21 dps vs shields, 63 vs armor, 73 vs hull.

It would take about 26 seconds to take down the shields (not accounting for shield recharge, cant remember if it can recharge when getting shot at) and 14 seconds to destroy the hull, or 40 seconds in total.

Now lets assume it gets shot at by a cruiser with 3x t5 marauder missiles, thats about 45 dps, taking 40 seconds to kill a cruiser with max shields and no armor. In reality, some missiles will get shot down and most targets have armor, so it ends up being worse off overall.

Yea, missiles have a longer range which is cool…but in Stellaris, everyone seems to run into short range anyway. Doesnt seem to matter if the ship design is set to artillery stance (which says the ship will hold off at long range). I tried using carriers with strikecraft….they just charged into close range and got chewed up. There doesnt appear to be any way to get your ships to actually use the longer range by staying still or kiting.

And missiles have poor tracking, so literally, no reason to use it at the start when everyone is using corvettes and destroyers which have evasion…


Then theres strikecraft…I tried using 50k fleet power worth of strikecraft battleships. They went up against a 25k marauder fleet which has poor PD. They proceeded to charge into close range and took some losses…and kill time was not impressive at all.

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Speaking of PD, why is flak PD flat out superior to energy PD? I mean, flak PD works against both strikecraft and missiles, while energy PD does slightly more damage but has poor tracking. Its not like the slightly higher DPS matters, but the higher tracking on flak PD does.

Disruptors : OK so they bypass armor and shields but…again…why bother when the kill time is roughly the same as using a mix of anti-shield and anti-armor weapons? Lets assume you have 4 med t3 disruptors and are shooting the same cruiser in the example above…you take 38 seconds to kill that cruiser, which has no reinforced hull components. Its supposed to be tailored vs heavily shielded/armored targets by attacking the hull, yet the kill time is roughly the same…

Focused arc emitters seem to be the notable exception, because their damage is not nerfed like disruptors and they have massive range. They have roughly 75% the DPS of the other X-L mounts and the same range, whereas med disruptors have roughly 1/3rd the DPS of t5 energy/kinetic weapons and shorter range.

Null void beams : 400% damage vs shields, cool, except that, kinetic weapons do roughly the same damage vs shields, without the damage penalty vs hulls…

Ion Canons : They take up roughly 8 defense platform slots but only do the DPS of roughly 3 large platforms…didn't Paradox run some basic maths before deciding on this?

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