I don’t understand the new systems at all, please help

stellaris 4 - I don't understand the new systems at all, please help

So I've been trying (key word) to play since the 2.2 update came out, and I've been failing miserably. In the best of times, my economy is in shambles due to lack of energy, my research is falling behind because I'm forced to focus on energy production, and all sorts of other problems. Most recently after finally starting a game where I managed to (sort of) keep my energy production positive, I finally started mining some volatile motes (research is still lagging because of forced energy focus) and upgraded my alloy foundries. However, despite the fact that I have 4 motes of income, and my planet is only consuming 2 (my empire is getting +2 motes a turn) my capitol is claiming is has -1 motes, and it's destroying my economy. I don't understand why my planet is not getting the motes despite having stations built on them. I have no piracy, and I haven't even ever seen piracy in the new update.


I'm getting the same thing with a lot of other basic production. I have to completely kill and specialization I could hope for because I have to get those 4 extra minerals so I'm not negative and destroy my economy. Why can't I trade resources in from my stations to support the planet? Is there something glaringly obvious I'm missing? It took me 10 hours of play on the new update to even figure out I can manually control the jobs for my pops, which I what helped my energy issues but I still can't focus on anything due to having to prevent my economy from collapsing.

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