I feel like this game has so many choices offered to players simply to deter them with pointlessly tedious micros.

stellaris 3 - I feel like this game has so many choices offered to players simply to deter them with pointlessly tedious micros.

I haven't played Stellaris a lot since pre-Apocolypse days, and recently I got addicted to it again. And now I'm just so annoyed by some of the choices it offers people. I'll use my latest game as an example.

It's around the year 2350, my alloy production is at 2600, my fleet capacity is full and I have all 3 megastructures building, my influence is also capped. Now it seems to me I have a simple choice on how to spend the alloy, I should build more habitats, or I could let it be wasted. But I already have 12 habitats, since the game does not have any sort of meaningful limitation, I could just build more as long as I have the surplus resource.

But here is the problem: to choose to build more means I have to micro all of them by hand. It is the same with planets but habitat is particularly exemplary, there is nothing different between them, I had so much time to waste I even made an excel sheet to find out my favorite configuration for each type. There is nothing stopping me from telling the game to make it exactly the same for me, other than the fact that there is no such mechanics implemented in-game. And it is extremely tedious to be doing the same thing over and over again, so I chose not to. But this choice is a frustrating one, because there is no obvious reason in the game's perspective that I should not be doing it, the cost for it is alloy and influence which are rotting in my storage anyway, and the reward is huge: resources and surplus pop growth.


So the game offers us a choice, to either waste in-game resources or to be thoroughly annoyed by doing the same thing on 20 habitats repeatedly. Which just seems unwise from a game design perspective, why not put a cap on habitats? So when I see those alloy and influence get wasted away, at least I don't feel annoyed, because I do not feel like I chose to do so. Of course, it is good that the game gives players the option to grow as big as they want, I frankly love that idea. But without sufficient methods to help players, the cost becomes micros that get really tedious really soon.

The issue is that the lacks of quality of life things in-game makes feel as if it is intentional: Options to sort the long list of planets, options to only show the ones with activity, for instance. I get it it's hard for AI to manage planets, but again, how hard would it be for it to build out a habitat identical to what I tell it to? And why do I have to move pop by hand every five minutes, or be forced to waste the pop growth on a planet? Again this is one of those choices, 100 or so energy for 1 pop. It seems dumb not to take it, I could have 40 habitats making both organic pops and mechanical pops, then fill up a ringworld in two years. The only cost is that I have to be clicking for half an hour like a robot. I would probably be using mods to solve these issues, at the cost of no achievements of course. But I just feel like ranting for a bit, sorry about all the anger.

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