I got destroyed by enemy AI in less than 5 minutes.

stellaris 4 - I got destroyed by enemy AI in less than 5 minutes.

Greetings fellow spacefarers!

I was in a pleasant multiplayer with a mate of mine, just a casual game nothing special. We were booting up our second session but still quite in the early game. Within about ten minutes of booting up I get declared upon by some fanatic purifiers that clear think my robotic friends were not worthy of sentience. I had been expecting this aggression for a while and had built up a starbase on the border and taken Supremacy tradition just to be safe.

They barrel over my starbase (rated at just under 1k) with a fleet of 700 strength. I double take; I check their ship outline and they're on blue lasers same as me, with equal armor and shielding as well. I shrug it off. Move my 1.8k fleet in to intercept. My fleet gets whittled down to 500 strength while his is still above 600. I am raging to my friend over discord at this point. I triple check their ship outlines. It is the same as mine, except I have destroyers where they do not. My fleet routs.

In the distance I see two more fleets of 1300 and 1100 moving into my space and taking up residence around my core worlds. I scramble to get my fleet repairs and reinforced before they arrive. I'm too late. My already weakened fleet is routed once more off my homeworld. This is still early game, I hadn't built up a secondary shipyard yet. I build up a starbase around my one un-sieged planet and a second one in the fringes of my territory. Install 2 shipyards in each of them and begin spamming out ships. My fleet swells to 1.8k for a second time, but my economy is completely compromised. My core worlds have already been invaded and captured. My final world is about to be attacked.


My fleet was stationed further away to avoid sneak attacks, I start to move it back to defend the last bastion of machine life. My starbase is holding against the 500 strength scout unit. The enemy 1300 arrives in the sector at the same time as me. My starbase falls, our fleets clash. I fail to sink a single ship. My mind is blown. I check their diplo tab — equivalent tech and naval force limit; superior fleet power (because my fleet just got wrecked). Same ship template.

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I surrender. I tell my mate I'm gonna leave and hot join to see what the heck this empire had going on. They were losing 200 credits a month as well as 100 minerals a month. Their consumer goods were in the toilet. But they had 16 star bases and 59 fleet limit in use. I checked their research and indeed they did not have any combat related techs that I did not have. They had also gone supremacy which made my choice negligeable.

I got hard core out played.

TL;DR: Stellaris AI makes an absolute fool of filthy casual.

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