I just finished my first Nemesis game. It was glorious.

stellaris 1 - I just finished my first Nemesis game. It was glorious.

My empire, lore wise, was a machine intelligence, learning about the Galaxy. It defended itself, but generally was enjoying existence. Then the Kahn popped up right next to my borders and started eating my territory. I access to the L gate (not open yet) and a bunch of other really good systems. I finally killed the Kahn and they turned into a normal empire, but my influence was hit hard trying to reclaim lost systems. I could not match the speed other empires filled in the gaps.

The machine was angry. It alone took out the Kahn, it was the only one to sacrifice. It lost one quarter of all its systems and its so called allies filled in the gaps. They would not trade. This taught the machine an important lesson: Everyone is selfish.

So it broke research treaties, defensive pacts, non-aggression pacts, started sending out spies and using war to reclaim what was rightfully its.

The L-gates were opened by the reformed Kahn empire and took the bounty for themselves. The machine owned that system. This was unacceptable.

It decided to give the galaxy one more chance. The galactic council was an avenue to peruse peace and fairness, but the galaxy voted for policies that directly harmed the machine, with no concern for how it might affect it. That was it, the final straw.

It withdrew, started consolidating resources, building fleets, constructing mega structures. In its research it found the shroud, a vast pool of energy, unlimited energy. The cost was everything, but what did that matter? The whole galaxy was selfish, it was only acting on the same nature as everything around it.


Soon it was marked as a threat, the whole galaxy declared war on it, but its fleets were too powerful, it was able to protect its borders with ease. It then started taking systems, new found technology to turn a star into a black hole, to gather fuel.

And then they awoke, two fallen empires. The machine fleets on their own were no match. It was a difficult war of attrition.

The machine was able to take out several AE core systems with its super weapon, but they kept encroaching. System after system.

Very soon, there was little left to defend. All machine worlds being bombed from orbit or invaded my armies. All resources went into ship production to protect the core system and the mega shipyard. All other systems were acceptable losses.

The core system was lost and retaken several times, but they could not hold it. The Super weapons, four of them, spread around the galaxy, harvesting.

Then something came from the very dimension they were breaking into. Not the entities that fought back, this was different. It was hungry.

The Unbidden arrived and started sweeping over the swaths of systems already decimated by the weapons. But they were getting closer.

The system under constant barrage by all the galaxies nations, the war in heaven, the unbidden, all closing in around. But it was too late. Less than a year and the unbidden would have taken the core, but the final phase of the engine was charged.


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