I just won my first game. Here’s the story

stellaris 2 - I just won my first game. Here's the story

This is the story of my very first empire. It's really long but I hope you enjoy!

The history of the Archive of Wisdom.

The Sapientus species arose from the lush forests of their homeworld long ago. After unifying in the year 1685 they spent several centuries focused on developing their technology and society until they finally achieved FTL flight. Eager to see the galaxy, many resources were used on building construction ships and science ships. Soon these ships were spaceworthy and the Archive of Wisdom set out into the galaxy.

For several years the Archive explored without meeting others. Space seemed empty, but finally, alien life was discovered. A Sapientan scientist encountered an exploration vessel sent out by another young empire. After translating their language it was discovered that the aliens were a race of pacifistic xenophiles from an empire called the Union of Cyndor. The Archive, being egalitarian and xenophile, quickly learned to get along with it's new neighbour and soon a research agreement, a commercial pact and a migration treaty were established. The leadership of the Archive was hopeful, if all alien life was like this then it could be a very happy galaxy indeed.

It was not to be. After continued exploration, the Sapienti encountered the Hegemony of Yenon. It was a warlike empire of xenophobes and even with Archivist attempts at peaceful coexistence the situation quickly devolved into a cold war.

Due to their militarism, the Yenonites were more powerful than the Sapienti. A great effort was made to change this. The fleet was expanded, the crucial chokepoint in the Caribbean system was fortified and a defensive pact was agreed upon with Cyndor. Meanwhile the Archive continued expansion, eager to collect any resources that could help them against Yenon. Fortunately, the nearby cluster was very rich and the Archive eagerly explored and colonised. It was then that the Nation of Shantaxavani was met. They were authoritarian, but pacifist, and they lay far away. On the other side of Yenon space even. Relations were cordial but not overly close. By trading contact information with the Shantaxavani the archive then encountered the egalitarian pacifists known as the Protective Uindar league. Due to distance relations were once more cordial but not close. Then the Archive was contacted by the xenophobic isolationists know as the Kar-Du syndicate. Neither empire cared for each other but due to the distance between them it was not an issue. Finally, there was the Iztran cartel. They were a criminal megacorporation and once again neither side cared much for each other. The Chief archivist did not concern himself with far away empires that were only slightly hostile and soon continued expansion into the rich cluster.

All was well for quite a while. The economy was doing well, the military was getting stronger and there was peace and expansion. Then the Archive met with the Kaan-Visaam. They were much like the people of Yenon, xenophobic and militaristic. The chief archivist realized they could not be allowed to expand and raced to cut them off from the rich cluster. Fortunately there was also a counterweight to the Iztran and the Kaan-Visaam. A strong empire known as the Tracpocian democratic regions was in between the two new enemies and held compatible attitudes to the Archive. An alliance was quickly formed.

Shortly after this it was calculated that Archivist military might was now roughly equivalent to that of Yenon. The chief archivist knew that the opportunity had to be seized before the Hegemony grew stronger and declared war.

It was tough, but much time had been spent preparing for this. The only way into Archivist space that Yenon could take was the Caribbean system and that was heavily fortified. In addition, Enterprise fleet had been stationed there and was ready to fight anything that came through.

The Yenonites smashed themselves against the rock that was Caribbean station 3 times and then Enterprise fleet invaded. Victory was achieved. Yenon was not even close to broken but it was a start. In the meantime the chief archivist reached out to the Tracpocians. He wished to form a federation, having been impressed by their performance in a war against the Iztran cartel. Their strength was needed because Yenon had formed a defensive pact with Iztran and a war fought only by the Archive against both was suicide. The Tracpocians accepted and so the Galactic Senate was formed.

After some years of preparation which included the construction of a federation fleet known as Voyager Fleet, war was once again declared against Yenon. This drew in Iztran but the Archivist leadership expected that Tracpocia could handle it.

They couldn't

It ended with a status quo peace. The Archive gained territory, but Tracpocia lost the crucial systems linking Tracpocian and Archivist space. Iztran promptly closed it's borders. The problem was that the Tracpocians had neglected to build their own fleet much and had instead thrown everything into building swarms of federation corvettes. The Archive resolved to build it's strength and defend Tracpocia next time. Then, while all Archivist fleets were in the south of the empire, Kaan-Visaam attacked the Tracpocians. It would be at least a year before reinforcements could get to the front. In the end, the war was won. Kaan-Visaam lost their homeworld and several important systems. The Tracpocians lost nothing and neither did the Archive.

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Over this period of conflict the Archive had also discovered several empires. There was The Husko Clans. They lived on the far side of Iztran territory. The Zenak Replicators, a machine intelligence living close to the Uindar. The Otaga empire, a state just south of the galactic core. The human commonwealth in the southwest of the galaxy, and after The Archive opened a wormhole to the other side of the galaxy, The Fex'Klanga Shard, a xenophobic precursor empire and the Ubaric, a xenophile precursor empire.

After much preparation, the federation declared war again. This time everything was ready. Yenon and Iztran were crushed, Yenon lost their homeworld and had their back broken pretty much forever. Iztran was greatly weakened as well. During the war two Archivist fleets slew The dimensional horror. Not long after Jumpdrives were invented. After that the Kaan-Visaam were also broken in war and the federation expanded. The union of Cyndor finally joined after much effort to make them do so and the Shantaxavani as well. Next the last 3 empires in the galaxy were finally discovered. The Photecian trade league who soon joined The Galactic Senate, the Ymcera who were soon vassalized by the humans and a spiritualist precursor state called the Pithok.

The chief archivist saw an opportunity. After some wrangling and some time spent building strength, the humans agreed to be a protecterate of The Archive of Wisdom. With them came the Ymcera and after integrating them both ten years later, The Archive became the biggest state in the galaxy.

This was a glorious time for the galaxy. There was peace, prosperity and steady scientific progress. It even seemed that the Uindar might join the federation.

That's when shit hit the fan.


The photecians declared the Zenak to be their rivals. The Uindar had a longstanding defensive pact with the Zenak and soon came to hate the photecians. A cold war rapidly developed due to other members of the Galactic Senate also declaring the Zenak to be their rivals. Around this time the Archive finally aquired a technology it had been striving for since many years earlier. Megaengineering. A ruined Dyson sphere was repaired and the gateway technology was understood. Soon a matter decrompresser was built. The leviathans were slain and a network of gateways began to be rolled out. An L-Gate was opened and The Archive discovered the Dessanu on the other side. Cordial relations were established and that was the end of that.

Finally, tensions reached a boiling point. The archive declared war on the Zenak and the Uindar. The Uindar were easily defeated and some of their territory was given to the Tracpocians. The Zenak were another story. Their technology was more advanced than that of the Archive and because of this they proved to be a challenge. Only a few of their systems were taken at the wars end. In the meantime the Otaga empire has vassalised the remnants of Yenon. War was declared and the old Yenonite territory seized. The chief archivist of the day also decided that the Kaan-Visaam should finally be completely and utterly broken. This was in part to connect the colony Europe Prime (which broke off from the Kaan-Visaam) to the rest of the empire. It was a simple matter.

At last the peace treaty between The Galactic Senate and the Zenak expired. A war of vassalisation was about to be declared when a great khan unified the Gwesibor marauders. After the time spent on getting it's fleets to the front the archive easily crushed the khan. War was then declared on the Zenak and won mostly with ease after a few dicey battles. Meanwhile the Iztran had been placing branch offices on Archivist planets. This was driving up crime to an unacceptable level. Unfortunately, the Otage Empire had vassalised Iztran, so the federation was forced to declare war the Otaga and their allies the Uindar. At this point there was no great challenge to war. The Archive could crush anyone in the galaxy with ease.

The war was won. Both the Uindar and Iztran became rump states. The fear of The Archive finally became so great that the Otaga formed a federation with the Uindar to defend themselves.

After a few years Iztran once again placed branch offices on Archive worlds. This was an insult of the highest order. Iztran would have to be destroyed. War was declared but despite Archivist superiority, the enemy fought bravely. The war was troublesome. Victory was inevitable, but it was proving costly. Then the robot slaves of the Otaga empire became self aware and declared a war of independence.

It was right then. Right when the Archive was mired in a war, that the Fex'Klanga awakened. The chief archivist panicked. The war was ended ASAP, fleets repaired, reinforced and moved to the border, starbases upgraded heavily, The strategic command center megastructure begun and an eye nervously kept on the Ubaric to the south.

Having seen their ancient rivals take center stage in galactic history once more was too much for the Ubaric. They awakened and shortly afterwards the great War in Heaven, was declared. The precursors immediately sent representatives to all of the younger races demanding servitude. The chief archivist was contemplative. He did not wish to submit. He ruled the mightiest non precursor empire in the galaxy, but if The Archive declared itself neutral then it would surely be war with both precursors. What if that was more than The Archive could handle?

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In the end, the chief archivist decided on neutrality. Soon afterwards, other neutral empires wished to form a so-called "League of unaligned systems" with The Archive of Wisdom at it's head. The chief archivist accepted and both precursors declared war. The league of unaligned systems ended up being The Galactic Senate and any vassals the various members had, except one. The Shantaxavani decided to be the greatest traitors in the history of The Archive and joined the Ubaric in attacking the people who had long been their comrades.

The war was long, hard and brutal. Countless good Archive citizens gave their lives in the many battles against the overwhelmingly powerful precursors. At first there was confusion as to what should be done. How could two Awakened ascendancies be fought at the same time. A human spoke up. Long ago on Earth there had been a great war. One combatant had used the "Schliffen plan". Take out one foe quickly and then wheel around to face the other one. The admiralty heeded this plan. It would have gone horribly wrong were it not for the stupidity of the Ubaric and the heroism of the subservient Zenak. The Ubaric elected to very slowly conquer Cyndor territory instead of targeting the greater threat posed by the Archive. Archivist fleets fought against the Fex'Klanga. It was difficult, but eventually they were driven back to their homeworld. The Archivist fleets were mighty and receiving which were being reverse engineered from Fex'Klanga debris, but the ground forces were not. The archive poured resources into building an army but it would take time to mass a force that would be strong enough overcome the advanced defences on the Fex'Klanga homeworld. That was when the Zenak proved their loyalty.

They sent in their great mega-warforms to take the planet and then gave control to The Archive. Finally, the archivist fleets could be turned to the Ubaric. Once again it was tough, but then the Ubaric comitted a great blunder. They declared war on the Pithok. This was ruinous for both empires but in the end the Ubaric forced the Pithok to join their side in the War in Heaven. It was dicey but with Zenak help and thanks to how much the two precursors destroyed each other, victory was achieved. The younger races refused to give in so Archive forces spent a few years destroying many states that had existed since the Sapientan discovery of FTL travel, including the traitorous Shantaxavani. Finally they surrendered and the greatest war in galactic history was over and the clear winner was The Archive of Wisdom.

The next decades were spent consolidating Archive hegemony over the galaxy upgrading the military. High command did not want to be caught with their pants down again so many megastructures were built and a military headquarters was established in the Minas Tirith system which was then heavily fortified.

Many years later, a strange sub-space disturbance was detected outside the galaxy. The chief archivist had a bad feeling and when the rough arrival area was determined, the entire fleet (about 650 thousand fleet strength) was deployed. Some time later the mysterious Pretheryon arrived. With the entire might of the greatest empire in the galaxy on the scene immediately the extra-galactic invaders were defeated before they took a single system.

And so ends the history of The Archive of Wisdom.

Not kidding about the crisis. I used my 650 thousand fleet strength to crush the vanguard before they could conquer anything and then the crisis ended.

Here's my galaxy at the end. I'm yellow.

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