I love this game, but one thing about the structure of war drives me nuts..

stellaris 5 - I love this game, but one thing about the structure of war drives me nuts..

The fact that winning a war against another empire can actually put me at a strategic disadvantage for the next time we go to war. In short:

I had 18 built-up starbases, which was my cap, dotted around my empire. They were positioned at every single ingress point to my empire. And they were absolute units, ranging from 40k fleet power to 120k (in 2459) between their gun/missile batteries and their complement of ion cannons and heavy defense stations. I was involved in 3 wars at one point (1 of them by accident) and I didn't have to do shit with two of those wars because the enemy empires wouldn't dare send their measly 60k power fleets into the teeth of my 100k power bastions that had their own defense fleets of roughly 30k.

So because of that I was able to focus all my energy on the one enemy I was really determined to defeat: These shitty jelly peni called the Neborite something-or-other who had defeated me in a war in the early game, and stole a bunch of my land (filthy xeno scum). Well, I powered through most of their armies and seized control of the whole east/northeast quarter of their empire, primarily on the back of my two-Titan-led, 100k power fleet and their legion of point-defense corvettes. I was getting my revenge, just absolutely demolishing these vile xenos, giving em the ol' Right There Fred.


Eventually I achieved a Status Quo victory, because I had seized a bunch of their systems and they didn't touch mine. I thought I was gonna own the entire upper right quadrant of their empire, with only two more ingress points to mine (conveniently the number of extra starbase spots I gained). But I didn't.

For some reason, they were allowed to keep two systems that I had taken control of. Two systems that now sat in the middle of my newly claimed territory. Also there were, because of this, 7 new ingress points to my empire from theirs, instead of 2. So I now have 2 extra starbase slots to deal with 7 new avenues for these assholes to come kick my door in. And they have two starbases inside my empire from which they can stage fleets and spread like a virus. I'm going to be stretched too thin now to have the same kind of guaranteed coverage that I had at the start of the last war with them. They are in the best position they've ever been in from a tactics standpoint, and I don't know how to cut the head off the snake at the beginning of our next conflict. I, for all intents and purposes, won that last war and now I stand in a much weaker place and all my gains and more are at risk of being taken in the next one. I played myself.

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Anyways, this isn't really a complaint about the game at all, it's just me rambling about my own poor strategic decisions. I done messed up. And I may now pay the price.

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