I made an immersive modpack for stellaris after getting bored with the base game

stellaris 8 - I made an immersive modpack for stellaris after getting bored with the base game

TL;DR – I was getting tired of playing the vanilla game, so I made the most balanced, immersive, stable, and challenging set of mods that still stayed true to the way Stellaris is meant to feel.

If you want, you can check it out here:

Note: This pack was built around Utopia, Armageddon, and Synthetic Dawn DLCs, and will not work without them.

Main features:

-Starnet AI- You probably have seen this, it makes AI much more ready to stomp you, and smart enough to actually do it right. Prepare for war!

-Elowine's Gigastructural Engineering- Can't go without it, honestly.

-Planetary Diversity- You probably have seen this too, but if not, it adds new types of colonizable planets.

-Zenith of Fallen Empires- Adds LOADS of endgame content. Can make you mega overpowered late game, but the AI can be just as overpowered. Turn your crisis difficulty up! Or don't, I'm not your alien overlord.

-Plentiful Traditions- Tons of new options for traditions and ascension perks. Pretty balanced for this pack (at least I like to think so) and the limitation on having to complete a tradition tree in order to get a perk is removed.

-Lots of new graphics adjustments, including but not limited to the newly updated Amazing Space Battles.

-New UI elements

-New Resources

-New Techs

-New Districts for planets


-Cool new loading screens

-Lots of smaller improvements like more building slots, more choices for flags, better federation and species names for AI, expansions on hive/machine empires, more interactions with primitives, stronger titans, better vassals, more ascension, I could go on all day.

-Enough patches to make a quilt or two

Edit: Known issues are-

  1. Some galactic map graphics spin wildly if you have the ship designer open
  2. The empire flag screen in empire creation is a bit off center, but works properly anyway
  3. Occasionally the traditions tab disappears and reappears if you mouse over certain UI elements
  4. Some AI ascended empires do not have dialogue yet, and only respond with "Greetings!"
  5. The terraforming candidate notification appears twice (the actual modifier appears only once)
  6. Your Text Here

Obviously I can't take credit for making the mods, I just put them together and tested them all enough to make sure they made the most immersive and challenging gameplay while not being TOTALLY unfair, and keeping it as stable as possible. So if wanting to play a long and hard-fought game of modded Stellaris without having to mash together mods without knowing what will be compatible or not, here you go I guess. If I missed anything or there's a bug with how two mods interact or something, let me know please (so I can fix it for myself too lol) and I will update the pack.

Thanks for reading, bless your CPUs.

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