I noticed that almost all the crisis have the same approach of just hit it with a large fleet until it’s dead approach, here are some of my Ideas for a not completely combat oriented crisis’s.

stellaris 1 - I noticed that almost all the crisis have the same approach of just hit it with a large fleet until it’s dead approach, here are some of my Ideas for a not completely combat oriented crisis’s.

Hey everyone, I’m not sure if this is a common idea for this kind of post, but I wanted to share some ideas for some crisis’s that don’t just rely on fighting.

The Orange plague:A new sickness has started popping up on different worlds on your empire and is slowly infecting your population and causing debuts for the worlds, You must send your scientists to these different worlds in order to have them research different options for the source of the plague for each world, for which you can send a science ship to each world to commit to a different strain of research or stack them to commit to locating the source quickly. Is the cause a cluster of ancient bunkers on each of the original worlds? A toxic waste dump? Interactions with a new species? With the discovery of a cure you can use it to gain influence and political clout with your friendly neighbors or if you are less…Morally inclined, can bully those around you for concessions in exchange for the cure or just sell it for resources.

Grand upheaval: with the establishment of a new unique political ideology, things have quickly gotten out of hand With this crisis you have the chance of spawning a new ideology in your game. These ideologies are not so much the traditional spawning ideologies but strange new ones like materilist religions, death cults, THE GREAT WORM RISES-cough- sorry anyway, and a variety of warrior and other social groups. It’s your job to stop the change they hope to cause. Different ideologies have different approaches to stopping them. This also includes your government ideology, every ideology has buffs against a crisis of opposite views and has debuffs if it is the same, -xenophobic governments have a major buff against the crisis if it spawns in a foreign nation but some weakness against domestic and has very few ways to react to a crisis if it is already inside, a -xenophilic gov has less defense against foreign but has buffs in its defense against domestic as well as having flexibility in dealing with threats Embraceable. -Authoritarian have buffs against them but gain large debuffs if they are unstable -Egalitarian has the opposite to authoritarian. -Pacifist ideologies reduce productivity in protest but have no chance of causing uprisings,they are hard to crush with brute force as it just gains support. End game possibilities are the ideologies destruction, transition to a regular political party, Full empire transition with different traits depending on whether it is embraced or forced. -violent ideologies have the chance of uprisings and occasional reduced productivity. If your govs original ideology is similar you can embrace it for buffs. Other options are annihilation with the chance of have the occasional hidden uprising, the creation of a war caste depending on other ideological factors which create stations in your space where you can hire small army’s and fleets that match your own tech. -All embraceable ideologies once adopted can be used as a tool to attack other governments and fund your own power over them. -Unembraceable These are the fanatical purifiers of this crisis. They don’t want to talk, they won’t negotiate, and they want you dead. You need to suppress them, run media campaigns and if need be crush them to their last pops. Corporate crisis’ The discovery of a long forgotten system has led to the reawakening of an ancient mega corporation which has different options in the later mid game.

-Criminal syndicate, This ancient industry was forced into hiding millennia ago after the destruction its home system from fallen empire government and it seeks to expand from its decrepit system by expanding onto nearby worlds corporate sectors.You can oppose this by attacking directly or if you are a corporate authority or have one as an ally, engage in corporate warfare against them and fight over corporate space until they either are destroyed, fall into irrelevance after running out of resources, or turn into a small state after an uprising. You can also work with them by paying them to spread crime to your rivals, a double edged sword but quite efficient if you are a pacifist incapable of attacking a growing rival. You can also hire pirate raiders who effect trade nearby. While these vagabonds are advanced they are nowhere near the fallen empires that wished to stomp them out. Mid game larger and tall empires can deal with them given time to rally forces

-military contractors. Simple and sweet. If you need a small fleet or army of fallen empire ships or troops for a costly amount of resources. Give them a call. And while the payment may be costly and not worth it in smaller wars and the Corp will refuse any combat with a fallen empire due to risk. If you ever find yourself needing to fight a large empire of crisis for survival. This is what you need.

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Regular Corp. You need some corporate structures that’ll support your populations? Join in a commercial agreement with these reputable fellows. In exchange for some considerable concessions in the government sector. While this Corp is very useful and gives large boosts to resources it affects influence and can corrupt your government and cause unrest from your civilians which you must balance with edicts. If things get bad, parts of your empire can “Rebel” With some purely vocal support from your friendly neighborhood Corp.

-Great migrations Turns out all those migratory space creatures are not so rare after all. And they have many of their kin who migrate through the galaxy every few millennia.right through your territory

-pacifist, good news, if you research how to pacify these different creatures your ships and stations are safe. However the safety of your space makes it enticing for breeding and traveling grounds which creates massive trade and speed debuffs for your ships.Research projects for how to create nature highways using signals to clear the way for ships. Or just creating a latent energy signal that slightly wards off the creatures out of your space. With these projects come the ability for influence, science deposits, and negotiation and trade boosts. Everyone else.- while you still have the ability to filter these creatures out using new tech and edicts you are still in a vulnerable position. Because if you don’t find a way to drive them off, get killing buffs against them, or seek the help of pacifist or fallen empires to pacify them, you’re going to have to deal with some more unpleasant surprises later on. At first you can easily fight off the smaller fleets until the main herds start showing up, including much larger versions of each species which you will have trouble with.


-Predators. Predators are the ones who follow the herds into the galaxy to get an easy meal. -Solar shadows- these swarms of small jelly like creature feed the minerals of their prey and your ships. They are weak against shields and energy weapons. -Sky serpents.Large snake like creatures. They are big,strong, and excuse massive amounts of energy -Dragons, What can I say, big ,small, they all need to eat. -Whalers, These nomadic hunters are not so much an enemy so much as an opportunity. Let these hunters set up in your space and they’ll give you a mineral boost, a damage increase against all leviathans, and some small fleets that will support you.Their course manners and aggressive nature will put you at odds with some of your neighbors, they also have a chance of bringing the leviathans to you, very angry ones who object heavily to losing their kin or children. -Observers These are peaceful watchers…Of leviathans that is. They will destroy anything that messes with the natural cycle. Including you. -Ending, there are multiple effects by this event. -With pacifist or empires that have their support you can create sanctuaries where these big creatures will live their lives giving bio boosts and being an obstacle to invaders. -The larger ones can also be killed to create resource deposits which can be harvested or studied causing resource booms. -Those who have accepted whalers can have hunting edicts which allow whalers to continue the hunt in your territory with restrictions to how much they can take, this will occasionally lead to conflict with neighbors if the whalers decide to cross into their territory to hunt. In the end the last of the fleets (aside from those who stay) finally leave the galaxy before the end year starts

Final crisis.

-Death of stars It was a strange occurrence, a star disappeared from the sky. This wasn’t that strange but now more and more are gone. Something is wrong -all across the edge of the galaxy stars are going out. This starts slow and on the outside but soon will grow faster unless the galaxy can bring together their brightest minds to stop it. This crisis calls upon scientific unity and agreements as well as a use for science ships late game. You need to negotiate to get empires to work together and allow access to research and territory to allow for you to progress. The longer this goes on the more agreeable nations will be to your research propositions even the most xenophobic or aggressive empires will relent and allow your research to continue. And for those who don’t allow for the necessary materials to be given or areas to be investigated, there must be war. Psionic nations also have ways to deal with the crisis. And nations not known for their scientific ability can give large grants to ally’s instead so that they may succeed. Use this opportunity to push your influence on your neighbors either by your scientific genius or by their reliance on your resources. The stars that die can leave worlds barren unless their is technology that will continue to make it livable like giant lamps or underground bunkers.

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Birth of the nova. This is the opposite of death of stars. The center of the galaxy starts to explode into a supernova spewing radiation outward across the galaxy slowly turning all systems aside from those at the very edge into inhospitable balls of dirt. You have to stop this before the all except the most distant life can survive.

With both of these crisis’s you have a choice of being a good scientist or a productive massive empire that supply’s them, with the support of the galaxy will find a way to defeat the disaster and gain massive amounts of wealth,strength, and control that will allow for a late game victory.Or you can take a different path, after all this is a great opportunity to get to safety and leave the filthy heretics or Xenos to die in fire or cold. With a fanatic purifier,devouring swarm, or determined exterminator you get the end times boost which will give a massive boost if you decide instead of finding a solution to find safety.Fight your way to the safe edge or center of the galaxy destroying all who get in your way and Be sure to sabotage their efforts or else you will find that they will be mighty displeased with you if the crisis is defeated and your buff times out. You can also decide to hunker down spending all your resources on building projects to withstand the storm that will arrive while only a small portion of life remains. This also applies to AI nations who can gain this boost, so it is suggested to players to either pressure or threaten them into helping so they don’t get any ideas.

The War criminals -centuries ago there was a Great War on your home world where members of your species attempted to ascend into a higher form of life, while creating terrific abominations, after years of fighting you finally had a chance to destroy them only for them to escape into a experimental wormhole colony ship leaving you to rebuild. Centuries later they have returned with their monstrosities and seek to beguile the other nations of the galaxy, but you know them too well. A cut off system of worlds appears at the other end of the galaxy then where you are with another empire that has your species, This one however has a fully upgraded species ascension and new a class of technologies called forbidden technologies that are abominable, too your people. This crisis spawns either an evil empire in counterpart to your own(or more evil if you’re a bad empire) that will attempt to influence other Empires to turn against you which you must counter using politics or violence. Or it will spawn an empire rival to one of your neighbors who you can choose to help or hinder. Empire types

-psionic, banished from your world after their terrible crimes In the psionic arts these foul monsters were banished. this empire type can spawn psionic monster armies, exterminate undesirables and collect their souls for resources, and cause psionic storms on planets along with many other magical maladies

-genetic, creates bio monsters that breed on your world and sells artificial species to be used as workers, servants, and “comforters” who are actually sleeper cells that lead uprisings. Artificial species look like the species that bought them, sometimes with alterations like cat ears

-robotic, messes with buildings, robots, ships, and electricity production. Uses backdoor technology to sabotage empires who accept advanced gifts.

All technology from these empires can be acquired through combat and conquest.

That’s all I got.

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