I played a game with no war…

stellaris 5 - I played a game with no war...

I've been playing Stellaris for several years now. I have hundreds of hours cracking planets, turning populations into food and selling them back to their friends and family, and taking down end game crises. Well after a brief excursion of about 6 months trying to play other paradox games, I decided to come back to ol' faithful. One of my favorite things to do in Stellaris, especially when I'm getting back into it or discovering new game mechanics, is to play as the United Nations of Earth.

That being said, my general playthrough usually ends up with me having some sort of rival that I am constantly going to war with, turning people againsts, etc. Well strangely enough, there weren't any fanatic purifiers, determined exterminators, slavers, etc. The worst I had to deal was being sandwiched between two hive minds, as well as both sets of raiders on my southern border. Well I start the game off normally, building my economy, inhabiting worlds, boosting my science for that sweet sweet technological advantage. Well 2280 comes around and the galaxy is slowly becoming fairly developed; but one thing was off… there was no war? I noticed there hadn't been any war the entire time. Most neighbors had good relations with each other, aside from the occasional dispute, there were no harsh vibes in the galactic community.

Well shit… what am I going to do with this massive fleet that I build because I assumed there would be some sort of rival contender? Might as well destroy the raiders to my south so I don't have to deal with the khan. The raiders die and I think "should I go to war with one of the hive minds just for the hell of it?" Nope. One of the hive minds asks me to be its protectorate. There goes one issue. I can focus on developing their territories once I integrate them. "Maybe I'll focus on the other hive-mind," I said. Sure enough, the other hive mind ALSO asks me to be protectorate. Very cool. Still no wars among anybody. Then, sure enough piece by piece, countries keep asking me to be a protectorate/in federations, etc. until I basically have control over 80% of the galaxy. No wars whatsoever. I was dumbfounded. "Stellaris without war? Surely this cannot be!"


So I started to play the part of paragon of the galaxy and be the beacon of liberty, hope, and peace. I destroyed leviathans, built a federation fleet for the inevitable end game, shared my resources with anyone who needed it. Hell, I passed Tiyanki conservation and Pan-galactic recycling at the cost of my own political power because… well… that's what heroes do.

Sure enough, on cue, the Unbidden show up with their whirl pool vortex and make waves throughout the galaxy. But they were fools to come to Chapps's galaxy, because my good nature, charity, and honest support of the galaxy prepared everyone for the coming storm. And well… the massive federation fleet didn't hurt either. To say that the unbidden were a crisis would be giving them too much credit. It was about the closest thing to a war that I got to in this game. They were destroyed in a matter of years and we all moved on to celebrating our victory. Thus began the slow colonization of every habitable planet so I could get the victory screen.

Just goes to show that after close to 500 hours in this game, it can still surprise you. I thought a game without war would be boring. Turns out it just gave me another reason to keep coming back to the game. Thanks for reading!

TL;DR: There wasn't a single war in my galaxy my entire game. Used the opportunity to prop up the galactic community and bring peace to this slice of the universe.

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