I think I’ve figured out the new economy, but it took me 50 hours

stellaris 5 - I think I've figured out the new economy, but it took me 50 hours

I figured I'd share my experience here for those who still struggle to manage the economy. Feel free to chime in and correct me if you know better because I'm still learning this.

The way I've made it work is the following:

  • Specialize all worlds. The specialty can be changed by simply changing the buildings/districts you use.

    • Alloys and Consumer Goods should go on planets with lots of city districts available because these buildings provide a lot of jobs on their own
    • Energy, Mining, and Farming should be specialized on the first few planets you get that have enough of the respective districts. Additional housing and jobs can be provided through buildings.
    • Refinery worlds should be focused as needed. I've got some on mining worlds (the specialization changes) and I've got some on Urban worlds. These should be complemented with commercial zones to make up for their low job production. I didn't like upgrading my Forge buildings because of the extra Refinery materials they needed, but this stopped being a problem because of my Refinery worlds.
    • I haven't found a spot for research worlds, but I suspect they should be used similarly to Forge worlds because of their similar job production. By the time I felt confident in my economy I had already researched all the major technologies.
  • Focusing on Alloy production is important. Alloys are expensive so if you are falling behind in another production area you can sell them for a good profit and trade for the material you are running low on while you balance your economy.

    • For aggressive empires (like the Commonwealth of Man) it is good to have the economic policy set to "Militarized Economy" to provide additional alloys. This can be changed every 10 years in case you are having trouble managing consumer goods.
    • The Trade policy can be set to consumer benefits as well, but I prefer to keep it on Marketplace of Ideas when I can. This also forces you to act slowly on balancing your economy because changing too much too fast can make the outcomes unpredictable.
  • Use planetary edicts (encourage population growth, distribute luxury goods) to control your populations. I used to simply move unemployed pops myself but it's far easier to distribute luxury goods to planets that need more pops to fill jobs. They seem to sort themselves out this way. I only move pops manually under extreme circumstances.

  • If you have high production numbers for food and consumer goods, work towards changing your food policy to nutritional plenitude and your living standards (for citizens) to Social Welfare as this increases happiness and reduces crime.

When conquering AI planets:

  • I always disable every building and destroy every district if I'm purging the population through displacement. No need to have buildings operational if they aren't staffed.
  • I quickly decide what kind of planet I want it to be and start changing the buildings accordingly. The sooner you change the buildings, the sooner those workers become unemployed and the sooner they either migrate to fill jobs elsewhere or downgrade to fill other jobs. Integrating new planets is a pain but the quicker you change them the faster they become productive.

If you are like me and struggled to figure out the new economy, I recommend playing with a lot of empires to start. 15-30 empires made it so I couldn't expand even if I wanted to so I had plenty of time to manage my economy until I could build up my fleets. My biggest problem before was switching from minerals to alloys and expanding as rapidly as I could, which would lead to a massive empire sprawl and a deficit in every resource.

I'm still learning so please provide feedback. I really want to love this game but it's hard to continue when they change everything.

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