I trained an AI to write anomalies for Stellaris

stellaris 6 - I trained an AI to write anomalies for Stellaris

Here are some examples:

"All transmission range assets have been destroyed, along with the entire galaxy.

leader has apologized for all this, but maintained that the Voidborn population at the time of their destruction was a "very good part of the galactic community""

" was invaded by an interstellar empire of tiny tiny insects. These tiny creatures touched down at one of our major settlements, and each individual changed its appearance based on which colony was invaded. Most of the settlements were destroyed, but some still have signs of their presence.

The original inhabitants were hailing us, but our automated message pings show no immediate response. A napalm bombing campaign seems to be the only means of communication."

"There is a creature upon the prowl of this system. It may be dangerous, but we shall embrace it."

precursor.150.desc:0 "The war in heaven has ended, but the conflict in has not. Despite the deadlock, several self-proclaimed "kingmakers," or warlocks, have managed to win adherents among the 's various demon factions. These warlocks have used their psychic powers to summon large armies of skeletal warriors from the depths of 's asteroid belt, and are now fighting each other on the surface."

utopia.2517.desc: "This is a draft translation of a recent letter sent by the head of the . The letter is intended to be found by the , and hopefully lead to some kind of diplomatic resolution."

utopia.2517.a:0 "Get the hell out of our system, you fat bastards!"

"Back in the late 19th century, a group of radical scientists began to question the wisdom of the traditional research protocols in favor of utilizing the power – and the scientific method. By examining the strange organic tissue growing on , they soon discovered that it was not only alive, but had developed a rudimentary level of communication through radio waves. By studying society, they have concluded that most are semi-sapient and sensitive to radio waves. They only recently became aware of the danger this poses not only to their own psyches, but to those of all the .

These scientists, it would appear, are not alone in their suspicion of microwave beams from space."

Загрузка... "The Scent of the Scent"

distar.2045.desc:0 "The 's resident arthropodologist, , has been caught in a sexual act with a number of of of our planet's finest female arthropod analogues.

The species is renowned for its ability to manipulate and even breed with animals as diverse as slugs and voles. Given the recent advancements in our knowledge of mating and procreation, it is likely only a matter of time before falls in love with a and stops dating."

distar.2086.desc:0 "Further studies of 's crust have revealed that the valuable mining prospect is in fact a gigantic female iguana. Wrapped in a tight ball of muscle tissue, her enormous body can be clearly seen jiggling around in the lava on the surface.

A massive erection is visible from orbit, and from several kilometers away, the eruption looks set to continue for quite some time. The has been unable to secure a good scan of her genitalia, but their instruments should provide satisfactory results."

test_chain_title:0 "Study the Heart of the Contingency"

test_chain_desc:0 "For a limited time, citizens will have the option to choose between three different option categories: Insanity, Death, or whatever is coming to you.""

"This is the partial transcript of their conversation:

All we ever wanted was for our own race to become masters of the entire galaxy. However, we thought we could one day achieve this dream through through peaceful means.

Not quite

Now we both know why: the galaxy is a cruel vacuum and the tools of a few misguided individuals has no place amongst the galaxy's greatest treasures."

"The surviving crew confirm to Science Officer that they were indeed transported aboard an unknown vessel.

There appears to be no escape pod.

In the wake of the death of their captain, the survivors have little left to maintain their humanity.

As the pod's atmosphere slowly re-emerges, and are both overcome with overwhelming emotions. Theirs is a deeply spiritual experience, and is yet another reminder that we are capable of extraordinary acts of kindness – and sometimes even of evil ones – when we simply choose to do so."

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