I truly understand why it’s called a ‘crisis’ (spoilers)

stellaris 3 - I truly understand why it’s called a ‘crisis’ (spoilers)

After restarting about 10 times, I finally got past the mid game hump with a 16-planet holy tribunal of intelligent enduring sociologist space elves, part of a 6-member federation that spanned the galaxy excepting the few Balkanized ex-rivals we had left in the galactic southwest, and the large isolationist assembly of clans that had mostly managed to avoid open war. But things had been going so well, and they were nasty Xenophobes with juicy planets and territory and I wanted a federation victory.

So I got my federation to agree to a war including a few liberations, humiliations, and a cease to atrocities. Seemed simple enough. I sent my armies of psi-squad clones to wipe resistance in a few border systems, and my federation’s fleets cleared the way to their capital. Simple. Until I got a message telling me about subspace disturbances, and a portal. And the unbidden land right in my federation ally’s territory, in between me and the xenophobic clans. And they start pouring out.

The chroniclers on the other end of the galaxy awaken after about half my ally’s planets are eaten. They take out a few fleets and a few vortexes, but retreat back home for repairs and have remained inactive for a few years.

The unbidden keep coming. They wipe out the enigmatic observers, those nice guys who I surrendered a pop to and who gave me some research boosts. I was shocked when I saw the reserve go out, but when I realized their home system was under siege, I knew it was over for them. Ironic how they wanted to save me so badly from extinction, yet they found their end before my empire.


So that’s where I stand. I’m taking a breather for now, i’m pretty sure I won’t have the fleet capacity to take them on before they start eating my planets. If the chroniclers don’t jump back in, things could get messy.

Update: about a quarter of the galaxy is now lifeless, but the chroniclers jumped back in to take down a couple more vortexes. I got my hands dirty and took out a few weakened fleets in revenge after they ate some planets I had conquered. My empire weeps for them, but there is hope in sight.

Second update: my fleet power is maxed at about 62k and I stand at an uneasy stalemate with the unbidden. They haven’t eaten a planet in ten years, I keep wiping their fleets, but I can’t approach the gate for fear of losing my only defense against them in a suicidal battle. All of my federation mates (including the ‘awakened’ ancient empire) are just chilling, having been pushed far enough from the unbidden territory to apparently not care enough about this existential threat to do anything about it. I’m just waiting to become federation leader so I can beef up that fleet and maybe have a go.

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