I won a battle but I got more exhaustion then my enemy

stellaris 2 - I won a battle but I got more exhaustion then my enemy

Sorry for that long title but i couldn't find a shorter way to explain that (maybe?) bug. TL;DR at the end of the post.

I'm a new player of Stellaris so probably I have to learn some more about the mechanics of the warfare but here's what happened: my neighbour started to buy claims on my systems so, since he was "superior" on military power, I enhanced my defences in that bottleneck system of mine between me and him (starbase+2 gun batteries+defence station). Eventually he declared war and I swiftly moved my fleet there. After a couple of months he came with his 1.8k fleet along with a couple of transport ships, well the battle was great and his fleet dropped to 300 but suddenly the last ships disappeared, so my fleet went straight to his transport ships and annihilated them.

"So good" I thought, and just when I was wondering about buying claims and start a retaliation (I am interested in a couple of his systems due to some missions I got to do) my gf (we play together because she loves watching instead of playing these strategy games) pointed at the screen and said "why you got more exhaustion score than him now?"

Yes, now the warscore says that I'm sitting at 20% and my enemy at 19%. In the war panel there are two battles, the first is the 1.8k one and the second the transporter ships one, but I found it strange that in the first it counted 0 casualties of him (he came with about 40 corvettes) and 0 of mine (I lost there 8 corvettes out of 20 total) and in the second it counted 2 of him (the t-ships of corse) and those 8 of mine.


I saved the game and quitted but today I'm planning to continue that game and I don't know what to do (of course I ordered the fleet to repair and queued 8 corvettes to reinforce it). Since I won the battle thanks to my starbase I think that it could be unwise to send my fleet alone in his territory but still I will come to 100% exhaustion before him and so game over. I wouldn't mind to stay in my bottleneck system and defend my empire because meanwhile I got work to do elsewhere (I'm expanding in another corner of my territory and I have some excavations and anomalies to do) and I don't need my fleet to do other tasks, but I'm worried about losing the war even though I kicked his ass.

That's why I need your precious advices, fellow experienced players 😀 Which move I must do now?

I play on PC, version 2.3.3, with some mods (Starnet AI, Planet diversity, Amazing space battles, Tiny outliner).

TL;DR / After a battle where I kicked his ass I got 1% more exhaustion than my enemy so I'm worried about losing the war.

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