I would like to create a few vassals as an Fanatic Purifier but I can’t.

stellaris 3 - I would like to create a few vassals as an Fanatic Purifier but I can't.

Hello fellow Stellaris players.
I have a pretty nice campaign going on where I play a Fanatic Purifier (FP for short). My Empire is also fanatic Xenophobic, militaristic and is Imperial. My civics are FP, Warrior Culture and Distinguished Admiralty. (
?id=2069111907 - I would like to create a few vassals as an Fanatic Purifier but I can't.

Now the scenario:
My empire was since the first 20 years nearly always in multiple defensive wars against two empires (one in the north and south) After The War in Heaven broke loose I sided with the neutral faction and both of the Awakened Empires were finally brought to an end after 54 years of war. My Empire expanded a bit into the north, the south was conquered and I also conquered an enormous amount of space in the space-east. ((I'm the blue empire in the south) )

Now is my problem. I decided that I would only keep a part of it for myself, because my empire was already a bit difficult to manage already back in 2384. I was looking forward to conquer a few decent planets for my following vassals and let the rest be destroyed by the Armageddon bombardment stance or let my colossus do the job.
Well, after the war in Heaven ended I was surprised by the following text: "We do not own any planet that we can give up" (

I asked already on Steam why the game wouldn't let me create a vassal but it seems like that I can't get really an answer there.


I also looked the Stellaris wiki for answers up why I couldn't create a vassal (I thought: Maybe it is because FP can't make vassal states?) :
" Releasing a vassal

A player can create a vassal from their own territory by releasing one of their sectors as a vassal from the "Sectors" tab by clicking the "Create Vassal" button next to the sector they want to release. The player can then transfer additional systems to their vassal through the Trade option "Transfer System" if they so choose. Sometimes it is preferable to conquer systems and then release them as a vassal since this will create a vassal that shares the overlord's ethics and government. Notably, the vassal will be granted all its overlord's technology. The option to release a vassal is not available to Determined Exterminator or for species with Culture Shock or the Hive-Minded and Nerve Stapled traits. "

I know that Hive minds and Gestalt Empire can't create vassals which makes sense to me but the FP empires basically just want to make the "pure" so I don't see why they shouldn't be able to make a vassal state. They even get a diplomatic buff with an empire where there own species is ruling but I don't see this really happening without a vassal.

Do I need a special civic like Feudal Society or become less Xenophobic? Do you guys know if Paradox changed it without updating there wiki?

PS: Yes I use mods but none of them should affect empire gameplay. (The Mods I use:

I would be very thankful if someone could help me out.

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